Torrie Wilson Speaks on Helping JBL, What’s New and More

– Below is the latest blog update from former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson on her Myspace:

What up guy’s and gal’s???

Gosh I have been crazyyy busy lately! I thought maybe my life would be stress free when I chose to stop traveling with the WWE but not so much! My store here in The Woodlands has been ridiculously busy and I am still learning how to be a business woman so sometimes it gets stressful to say the leaste! I can’t believe how many people there are in this world that just wanna screw people over…and let’s just say I must have “wayyy tooo nice” written all over my forehead! …..but also all the super nice people make up for the meanies of the world! I just wanna do my thang & not be hassled….don’t you?

I was in L.A. for a photo shoot earlier this week and had a great time! I got to stay with my buddy Stacy and we got to catch up on girl time which I needed big time. I also got to hang out with my friend Ali from Houston that just moved there and it made me realize just how much I miss both of them! We hit the Hollywood scene one night and had a total blast! I am gonna post a couple pics from my photo shoot also for a little sneak peak…hope I don’t get in trouble!

Not sure if you have had a chance to see the commercial I recently shot for JBL’s energy plus energy shot but I was just told it just started to air. I am heading down south to Miami next week actually to shoot some print stuff with the big man himself…all I know is I can’t wait to feel that warm Florida sun even if it is just for 1 1/2 days!

Oh! I have a few personal appearances booked here in the next few months so please stay posted so that if I am in your area you can hopefully come by to say hello!

Love you guy’s and I will talk to you very soon!