J.R. Speaks On Undertaker Retiring, JBL’s Weight Loss, More

Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights.

Ross on rumors of Undertaker retiring soon: “We are getting a ton of emails about the retirement of The Undertaker. I have heard NOTHING about this matter and would bet a black hat and a slab of ribs that ‘Taker wrestles a few more years. Plus, for the record I don’t ever see the Undertaker losing at a Wrestlemania no matter who he wrestles.”

Ross on JBL: “JBL has been in the eye of the storm this week as far as ‘rasslin gossip is concerned which sort of goes with the turf these days. Nonetheless I am impressed with how much weight John has lost over the past several months and I do know that his Mamajuana Energy Drink has been an important aspect of his weight loss which is getting close to a whopping 100 pounds. Obviously the product works and John has told me that taking it has helped him maintain his workouts which are a must to go along with common sense eating.”

Ross on Ron Simmons being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame: “Congrats to Ron Simmons for his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Ron was a real stud at Florida State and a legit 3 time all American. One man never blocked the dominating nose guard including my Sooners who hooked up twice against Ron’s FSU Seminoles in the Orange Bowl. The celebration for Ron becoming the first African American World’s Champion in WCW that was held at the CNN Center was something special of which to be a part.”