Why Edge Grew His Beard Out, Santino’s New Finisher, More

– The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a new feature up with WWE Superstar Santino Marella, who is in character. Santino notes that he has a new finishing move that will guarantee him victory, if he ever gets the chance to use it. Santino calls the new move the Maserati Clutch. “If this move is used, it guarantees victory,” Santino told the Tribune-Review. “But it’s still in the works. I did try it on one person. He now walks with a cane. I have not yet tried it in the ring, but when I do, you will know.”

– WWE Champion Edge told Slam Wrestling in a new interview that his girlfriend despised his thick beard that he grew while away from the WWE spotlight with injury recently. Edge says she influenced his decision to shave the “deranged” full beard he had for a more scruffier look. “My girlfriend despised it. Just despised it,” he said. “She’s like ‘Shave it off now.’ I’m like ‘Nah.’ You only realize how thick it is until you have to shave it off. I was happy it didn’t grow in white or anything.”

Edge said he first grew the beard because he was supposed to be a bit deranged when he left WWE’s storylines. He figured he should look the part when he returned. Edge said he got so many comments on the beard ranging from comparisons to The Allman Brothers, Skinner, Charles Manson and Jesus.

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