Update on the Fight Between JBL and Joey Styles

– New details are coming in from the altercation between Joey Styles and JBL in Iraq from a few different sources. Apparently the incident wasn’t as big as it was first made out to be. One eye witness reports that after JBL was bullying Styles all night and was being taken away by other wrestlers for basically being an asshole, “When he turned his back, Joey jumped on him and caught JBL with a punch that gave him a small cut under the eye that was bleeding like crazy. JBL was furious.” It wasn’t a showdown situation where they were face to face and Joey just clocked him.

One source also reports that JBL was talking trash about Styles and his family until Styles just blew up on him. The whole incident was described as a slow build over several days with lots of verbal taunting. At RAW this week, Styles was something of a hero to some. While Joey isn’t popular in some circles within WWE, there were a lot of people who got a big kick out of the idea that JBL was humiliated by the old ECW TV announcer. JBL was very quiet at RAW, working on his Blackberry before the show and being more subdued and quiet than usual, since he just knew people were talking behind his back and he was the center of a story that will probably be repeated forever. One friend of JBL’s noted, “I always shake my head when he lowers himself to these high school spectacles. He’s such a smart, funny, engaging person and a good guy at his core but he is compelled to act in a deplorable manner and it has come back to bite him in the ass.”

It’ll be interesting to see any repercussions come out of this. The incident in Iraq, when it happened, was a huge embarrassment to the company. Vince told everyone who witnessed it that nobody was to breathe a word about it to anyone else. Vince was furious when the story got out and people who weren’t there heard all about it.

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