JR Blog: Stone Cold, JBL Issues, the ECW Arena, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Below are the highlights:

– The 3 hour, marathon Raw in Philly was attended by over 11,000 fans Monday night. For me it was good to be back on Raw and doing more than just a cameo as the adrenaline rush one gets from broadcasting a live TV show like Raw becomes somewhat addictive. We did not know what bouts we were going to be involved in until after the show officially started so that added to the “rush” of doing live TV without a net.

– What’s up with JBL these days? He certainly seems to be surrounded by controversy. I’m simply wondering if he has a business deal with HBK or not. Something’s up but I’m not sure what. I do know that the Philly fans did not like Michaels having any thing to do with JBL Monday night.

– After the Philly Raw, “The World’s Angriest Announcer”, Tazz, drove me by the old, ECW Arena which I had never seen. I do remember that between stints in the WWE, Paul Heyman called me and wanted me to make a surprise appearance at the House of Hardcore but it never came to fruition. I don’t think my surprise appearance would have been to announce as Joltin’ Joey Styles had that responsibility well in hand. Whatever it was would have likely been fun knowing Heyman’s unique, creative mind.

– Stone Cold called me Tuesday as Tazz and I were driving from Long Island to Bridgeport for Smackdown. Steve is on his ranch in south Texas deer hunting, or “harvesting” as the hunters call it, and said he had killed two “cull deer” thus far. That means that the now deceased deer aka cull deer were either undersized, sick or old.