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SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT Tapings (12/18)

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

– Ashley Colton called in the following spoilers from tonight’s TNA iMPACT taping (airdate 12/18)

*Announced for tonight: & TNA champ vs & in a Tornado Tag match, a Knockouts Brawl tag a Six Sides of Steel match

* & “The Hardcore Knockout” Roxxi defeated The Beautiful People when wilde pinned Love. was the referee.

* pinned Lance Rock with the Gore. calls out the members of the Frontline. They come out…with the Motor City Machineguns lagging behind. addresses what happened to Brother Ray last week. And that if its a fight they want, its a fight they’re going to get. He says that Sting, when he joined the MEM, that’s when he became the problem. He says that at the Genesis PPV, he’s going to leave Sting in a pile of his own piss, blood and sh**.He says the MEM raised the bar, but the Frontline will raise it higher. AJ Styles takes the mike and says that cause of his actions, is in a match vs & . And tonight, Sting & Nash have to deal with him and Joe in Six Sides of Steel. Samoa Joe then goes on to say he thrives on violence and tonight they will find out in the cage what they say is true.. Joe is gonna kill you.

* with defeated Sonjay Dutt with with a Cradleshock to advance in the X Division title tournament. During the match, Sheik Abdul Bashir sat at the top of the ramp on a chair to watch the match.

* & Scott Steiner w/Sharmell defeated Matt Morgan & Abyss when Booker hit the scissor kick on Morgan. Morgan had Steiner up for the helevator then Booker hit morgan in the leg with a lead pipe, while Abyss was distracted on the floor by a fallen Sharmell who was faking it as she immediately ran into the ring to celebrate with her husband and Steiner.

* comes out and recaps the career of , acknowledging all his championships in both WWF and WCW. (During which, a chant for Owen Hart in the Impact Zone erupts and Angle nods in approval) then says when there was nothing left for Jeff to do, he starts up TNA. He goes on to say that Jeff came out of retirement to screw him at , which brings him to Genesis..where he will leave him laying in a pile of his own blood. He knows the wrestling community can live with out Jarrett.., “but can they?”, referring to Jeff’s 3 daughters. He said after Genesis, they will be orphans, and not to worry..”Uncle Kurt” might just adopt them.

Jeff Jarrett storms out to the stage and starts removing his jewelry and shirt. BG James, Terry Taylor, Earl Hebner and Scott D’Amore attempt to restrain Jarrett. Angle is then held back from TNA security and the 2 attempt to break free. Jarrett tries all he can but is brought back up the ramp as both he and James jawjack with Angle who is down by the ring.

*Hiyoshi (All Japan’s Akira Raijin, although the ring name may be slightly incorrect as it was hard to hear) defeated with a moonsault. Raijin’s TNA persona resembles a 1990s Great Muta with facepaint and mannerisms.

* & ODB def Rhaka Khan & Raisha Seid when Christy hit the FFG on Khan. Post match, Amazing Kong attacked ODB & Hemme from behind, just when made his entrance and focused his attention on Kong…who then immediately backed away with fear in her eyes..the lights went out and was gone. Hemme & Kong then celebrated their victory.

*AJ Styles & Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash & Sting in a SSOS match when Styles escaped the cage. Post-match, Nash & Sting beat down on Joe while the remaining members of MEM came down to join in. Sting left the cage to deal with Styles on the floor as Scott Steiner padlocked the cage. They continued the beatdown on Joe and wedged his arm in a chair and beat him with a lead pipe. The members of the Frontline tried all they could to get into the cage. Finally, Earl Hebner found the key and unlocked the door, but the MEM continued the onslaught on Joe as Styles continued to try and enter the cage. Finally, Styles scaled the cage and got inside and went after Angle…the Frontline finally got inside to assist Joe as the MEM made their way back up the ramp. Doctors and officials ran down to check on Joe. He was screaming in pain and he was helped from the cage.


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