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SPOILERS: WWE SmackDown! Tapings (12/12)

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results, WWE News
Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

* A video package is shown.

Dark Match:
* Kizarny b. Jamie Noble
– Kizarny controlled most of the match and got the win via pinfall.

* SmackDown opens with in the ring as if he’s ready for a match. comes from behind and attacks him. They fight on the outside. Referees rush the ring and pull the two apart. and Vickie also come to ringside.

* b.
– R-Truth enters through the crowd. MVP loses to R-Truth after he hits a sunset flip followed by a pinfall. After the match MVP complains about his losing streak. Ken Kennedy comes out and makes fun of MVP. Kennedy plugs his DVD while MVP’s mic gets cut off.

* The Bella Twins are shown backstage with The . Kendrick tries to puts his arm around them and they reject him. and Primo Colon show up. Kendrick backs down.

* Primo Colon w/Carlito b. The Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel Jackson
– Lots of back and forth action. Carlito and Ezekiel battle on the outside throughout the match. Primo gets the win with the small package followed by a rollup.

* Hurricane Helms b.
– Solid match with lots of back and forth action. Shelton works on Helms neck throughout the match. Helms did a high cross body off the top rope and Shelton attempts to reverse. He fails and Helms lands on top of him for the three count.

* The cutting with is up next. They argue about who caused Jeff Hardy to miss his Championship match at . Edge says it was Triple H while Matt blames Edge. comes out to end the segment.

* b. & in a handicap match.
– Short match. Khali gets then win with a Khali chop on Ryder and a choke bomb on Hawkins.

* Eve interviews Triple H backstage.

* The Bella Twins b. Natalya &
– Typical divas tag match. One of the Bella Twins get the win via pinfall on Natalya.

* Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy
– The crowd is really into the match mostly behind Hardy. Good wrestling match with lots of near falls. The match ends in disqualification when Edge comes out and spears Hunter and then Hardy. SmackDown goes off the air with Hunter and Hardy both laid out in the ring and Edge walking to the back with his WWE Championship belt.


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