Batista Speaks on Chris Benoit, Ron Simmons News

– WWE’s Ron Simmons will be inducted tonight into the College Football Hall of Fame during a dinner and induction ceremony in New York City. Simmons had the following to say about his induction, “It really hasn’t sunk in yet,. This is a tremendous privilege and honor. I was recruited hard by all the Georgia schools and grew up in South Georgia, and they all told me I was going to an all-girls’ school without much tradition at Florida State. We proved a lot of people wrong, and it was a fantastic experience playing for coach Bobby Bowden.”

– Batista is on the cover of the latest issue of Fighting Spirit. The headline reads “Batista – “I’m 39… Getting Injured Would Be A Life Sentence.” The magazine features an interview with him and he speaks out on Chris Benoit. He is asked if the guys still talk about him, and if so, how is he remembered. “Nobody’s over the Benoit thing, not at all. No one who loved or knew him or Nancy or Daniel will ever get over it. We talk about Chris all the time, but out of respect for what he accomplished as a wrestler dedicated to his craft – the ultimate professional who mentored others,” Batista said. “The guy that did all those horrible things wasn’t the Chris we knew and loved. We didn’t know that Chris, so maybe we’re in denial. That’s not the way I chose to remember Chris. I despise what he did, but I don’t choose to remember him for the killings and negative stuff.” Batista also added, “He was one of the best people I ever knew in terms of helping others, his accomplishments in the ring, and that’s how I chose to remember him. It still hurts and is still a tremendous loss for all of us. He left a real void in the business.”