WWE Superstar Praises TNA, WWE Diva’s New Finisher, More

– SmackDown Diva Maryse has a blog asking fans what they think of her new finishing maneuver – a heel kick – which she is calling the “french tk0” (although properly spelled as “French TKO”). Maryse wrote in her trademark broken English: “I would love to hear what my fans think of my new move ( french tk0) ….. remember that kick that Beth Pheonix got behind the head at Survivor series, yes it was me performing my amazing kick! I cant wait to face Michelle Mc cool and give her a taste of my french tk0…. stay tune.”

– Tommy Dreamer has a blog on the WWE Universe site answering the fans’ top ten most asked questions. Dreamer is asked if he watches TNA. The ECW Superstar is actually a loyal TNA viewer as he watches their show every week. “I do every week,” Dreamer said. “I really am impressed with the way Rhino and Team 3D have (sic) stepped up their already impressive game.” Dreamer then pokes fun at Brother Ray’s weight. “Brother Ray seems to even have lost some weight,” Dreamer said. “A Christmas miracle. An angel has gotten their wings.” He’s also asked why he loses all the time, “especially to guys who suck.” Dreamer said, “Well just like in life every time you get knocked down, it is most important to brush yourself off and get up and fight back.” Dreamer’s also asked where Colin Delaney and the ECW Originals are. He still keeps in touch with them, usually via text-messaging. “I do keep in touch with them. Usually thru texts. For some reason or another all are no longer in WWE. They are all doing well and miss their fans,” Dreamer said.

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