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JR Blog: Tonight’s Big RAW, Steamboat in WWE, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Monday, December 8th, 2008

Here are some highlights from ’ latest blog from over the weekend. You can read the full blog over at

– I met ’s son several months ago and thought at the time, simply by his look, the kid might be special. I know that the younger Steamboat is athletic and was an outstanding high school athlete. The son of the “Dragon” will hopefully be scarfed up by the WWE at some point and sent to FCW to train with many other second generation competitors. The elder Steamboat was an amazing hand in his day and Ricky’s bouts with are still talked about today and were some of the best I ever had the privilege of broadcasting. The Flair vs. Steamboat rivalry and series of bouts should be required viewing for any young person who wants to be a wrestler. And yes I advocate Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame some day, without question.

– Read a nice story where some fans enjoyed meeting at a recent Indy event. Kevin is one of the wittiest, most engaging guys around and when I had my radio show on AM750 WSB in Atlanta on Sunday nights I had Kevin on as a guest many times. As a matter of fact he was probably my best guest and his glibness helped get him noticed by WCW decision makers (is that an oxymoron??) as until then Kevin was just considered a huge, jacked up former bouncer from the Cheetah and former Tennessee hoopster. Kevin could easily do talk radio if he ever chooses to and would be damn good at it. Smart guy who has invested well and won’t have to be wrestling Indy dates when he is north of 50 unless he simply wants to.

– I wonder what the announcer assignments will be Monday Night for the 3 hour Raw that starts one hour earlier at 8/7 central? Raw is now Cole and King’s show from a broadcast perspective but I assume that all the teams will be used to some degree or why would we be all told to be there? There are some provocative interpromotional matches on tap with which I hope and I can be a part. Hell, Monday’s Raw feels PPV-like on paper and I know the fans in Philly will do their part to make the show special.


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