Full List of Categories/Nominees for Tonight’s Slammy Awards

– Below are the full list of Slammy Award categories and nominees. Most of the winners will be announced on tonight’s three-hour RAW with the rest being announced on WWE’s website.

Superstar of the Year
* Batista
* Chris Jericho
* Edge
* Jeff Hardy
* John Cena
* Triple H

Match of the Year
* 2008 Royal Rumble Match
* Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair (Career Threatening Match, WrestleMania 24)
* Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Wrestlemania 24)
* Undertaker vs. Edge (Hell in a Cell Match at SummerSlam)

Diva of the Year
* Mickie James
* Kelly Kelly
* Beth Phoenix
* Michelle McCool

OMG Moment of the Year
* CM Punk cashes in Money In the Bank and becomes the World Heavyweight Champion (Raw, June 30)
* Undertaker sends Edge to Hell (SummerSlam)
* Floyd Mayweather punches Big Show and breaks his nose (No Way Out)
* John Cena’s surprise return at the Royal Rumble (Royal Rumble)

Damn! Moment of the Year
* Khali Kiss Cam (SmackDown, Nov. 7)
* Jim Ross in sailor suit (SmackDown, Oct. 31)
* CM Punk disguised in Mariachi Band, lays out Chavo Guerrero (ECW, Jan. 29)
* Santino Marella attempts Melina’s Entrance (Raw, Dec. 1)

Tag Team of the Year
* The Miz & John Morrison
* Priceless (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase)
* Cryme Tyme
* Carlito & Primo

Best Finishing Move
* Randy Orton’s RKO
* Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate
* Big Show’s Knockout Punch
* Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press

Extreme Moment of the Year
* Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb on Randy Orton from the Raw set (Raw, Jan. 14)
* Undertaker falls off ladder through table as Edge wins TLC Match (One Night Stand)
* JBL throws John Cena off stage into car windshield (The Great
American Bash)
* Chris Jericho smashes Shawn Michaels’ head through Jeri-Tron (Raw, June 9)

Couple of the Year
* Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix
* Edge & Vickie Guerrero
* William Regal & Layla
* Finlay & Hornswoggle

– WWE.com Slammy Awards:

Best WWE.com Exclusive
* Cryme Tyme’s “Word Up!”
* The Miz & John Morrison present “The Dirt Sheet”
* “Santino’s Casa”
* “Outthink the Fink”

Breakout Star of the Year
* Kofi Kingston
* Vladimir Kozlov
* Evan Bourne
* Ted DiBiase

Best Musical Performance
* R-Truth’s entrance (SmackDown, Sept. 15)
* Santino rapping to Akon (Raw, Nov. 17)
* Edge singing “Heaven” to Vickie (SmackDown, Feb. 15)
* The Miz & John Morrison Rap (“The Dirt Sheet,” Aug. 29)

Announce Team of the Year
* Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
* Jim Ross & Tazz
* Matt Striker & Todd Grisham

Best Impersonation
* Charlie Haas as “Haas” Hogan (Raw, Oct. 13)
* Charlie Haas as “CHL” (Raw, Sept. 8)
* Charlie Haas as “The Glamahaas” (Raw, Oct. 27)
* Charlie Haas as Mr. Perfect (Raw, Sept. 22)