The Jey Files – TNA House Show

 Welcome to They Jey Files everybody, and damn did I have a good time at the TNA house show last Friday night! These guys wrestled their back sides off for the fans there at the Hobart Arena in Troy and you could really feel each wrestler’s passion coming out while they preformed. In this weeks column, I’m just gonna let you guys know what went down at the show!

 When we got to the arena, I made it a mission to take some pictures of the ring (which you can see over 200 pictures from the entire night on my Myspace account, When we got to the merchandise stand there was a real lack of clothing options. You had about six shirts to choose from and a few random items like the iMPACT video game, an entrance music soundtrack and some playing cards. If they didn’t want to bring a lot of things with them, they should have at least brought clothing from all wrestlers who were performing that night. The show started off with Jeremy Borash coming out talking about TNA news, giving away backstage passes and other TNA news. Throughout the night he would come out and announce the matches and read text messages to the crowd, one text said Mick Foley promised to come to Troy next time they came to the Hobart Arena. He did a pretty good job of keeping the crowd entertained throughout the night.

 The first match of the night was Sonjay Dutt squaring off against Shark Boy. Shark Boy came out to the ring first and did his Stone Cold impressions getting a pretty good pop from the crowd. Sonjay came out with a local guy and his tambourine and walked around the barricades asking people to put cash in the tambourine, and quite a few people gave him some money. When the tambourine was full, he jumped into the ring and stuffed the money down the front of his trunks. It got a pretty good pop from the crowd and got people pumped for the first match. It was a very well done match with Sonjay repeating taunting the crowd and ended with Shark Boy getting the win with his version of the Stone Cold Stunner, and he got on the mic afterwards and mentioned they would be back to Troy in three months.

 The next match was a triple threat match for the TNA Women’s Championship. The Knockouts in the match were Jacqueline vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong. The match was a fairly quick one with Awesome Kong getting double teamed most of the match. Wilde and Jacqueline threw Kong out of the ring and went at it for a few minutes, but Kong got back in the ring and threw Wilde out of the ring and made quick work of Jacqueline with a version of a power bomb pin. Kong gets the win in a pretty decent match that kept the fans attention going. I’m not quite sure why they made the match a title match when mostly everyone there knew that they title wasn’t going to change hands, but hey. An A+ for them for effort. And I have to say, Awesome Kong looks a lot bigger on TV than in real life.

 Speaking of the differences of how people look on TV and real life, this next match really stuck out for that reason. It was Cute Kip going up against Abyss. I expected Abyss to be a bit bigger, but Kip is a lot bigger than the TV makes him look like. It wasn’t my first time seeing him live, but being as close as I was really made a difference. Anyway, the match started off with Kip arguing with Earl Hebner about something irrelevant. Earl gave ended up giving Kip a DX chop and Kip ran after Earl and ended up getting hit by Abyss in his pursuit. After the hit, Kip explained on how Abyss made him angry after the attack and took off his Sarah Palin shirt and started doing some push ups and stretches. Abyss and Kip traded blows back and forth and forced Kip out of the ring. Abyss chased after him and they fought outside of the ring and up the ramp a few times. The match ended with Abyss getting Kip back in the ring and doing a power slam pin. After the match Kip made Hebner raise his arm even after the loss and got on the mic and told us everyone in Troy could suck it and gave us a DX Chop which got a huge pop from the crowd.

 The following match was Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. AJ Styles. Bashir came out first and got on the mic talking about his match against Eric Young at the upcoming PPV. He also stated that he issued a challenge to any American wrestler in the back and when AJ Styles music hit, he got over more than any of the wrestlers in the show. Sheik started the match off by taunting AJ by doing a Shawn Michaels turnbuckle lay down and pretended to smoke a cigarette. The crowd made “you suck” and “USA” chants throughout the whole match and it defiantly was the most interactive match of the night with Bashir getting the biggest boos. It was a normal X-Division type match, a lot of high flying moves and fast paced wrestling. They followed the matches before them by taking the fight out of the ring and went at it for a while, then came back into the ring. In the end, AJ took the victory by hitting Bashir with his finisher and got on the mic telling everyone “That’s how we do it in the USA”. And that of course got a really good pop.

 The next match was my personal favorite of the night, LAX faced Beer Money Inc. w/Jacqueline for the TNA Tag Team belts. This match was awesome to watch because when you see these two teams wrestling you know they will some day be regarded in the same light as the Hardy’s or Dudley’s. I don’t know who else caught this, but when Beer Money made their entrance, James Storm had to run back behind the curtain and grab his beer bottle which was very funny lol. The match started off with Homicide and James Storm doing lock ups and Storm calling time outs while having Roode give him back rubs. While Storm got his back rubs, Homicide got on the mic and started a Brokeback Mountain chant. Homicide gave the mic to Hebnar who joined in on the Brokeback Mountain chant which got the match underway. The highlights of the match was the crowd continuing the Brokeback Mountain chants which got Roode’s attention and he shouted “WERE NOT GAY!” The biggest pop of the match was when Homicide threw Roode into one of the turnbuckles, Jacqueline tried to interfere and they through her into the same turnbuckle, and then sent Storm right with them putting all three in the same turnbuckle. Hernandez ended up getting thrown into all three of them which caused Storm to fall flat on his back, Jacqueline followed suite and fell right onto his crotch and Roode fell to his knees making it look like a three some in the middle of the ring! Roode looked down at the position they were in and gave the crowd a “Hell yea!” The match ended with Storm spitting his beer in the face of Homicide outside of the ring and Hernandez tried to interfere but Roode hit him off the apron onto the ground. Storm through Homicide into the ring and got him and Roode’s finisher off and pined him for the win.

 After a 15 minute intermission, Scott Steiner came out wearing street cloths and a mask telling everyone he didn’t want his face to be seen in Ohio. After insulting the crowd for a little bit, Samoa Joe comes out and tells Steiner he doesn’t want to be seen in Ohio because of how bad Michigan has lost to both Ohio State and Toledo. Then Joe challenged Steiner to a “Troy Street Fight” which I didn’t really get since Troy isn’t exactly a street fight type place, but HEY it’s all in good fun. After Steiner saying he didn’t want to fight when he wasn’t in his wrestling gear and Joe calling him a p*ssy for it, the match started up. This match was quicker than the rest with Joe messing up Steiner most of the match and catching the win with a big Samoan Drop. After the match when Steiner crawled out of the ring, he grabbed a Michigan coat out from someone in the crowd and held it up all the way to the back.

 When Jeremy Borash  announced the main event was next he told us that Rhino had been rushed to the hospital and that Angle made an open challenge. We all thought that was a work, but as stated already on most websites it wasn’t and he really did get rushed to the hospital. When AJ Styles came out for the second time he got over more than the first time he came out. I mean, how many times do you see one wrestler perform two full matches in one night only an hour in between each other? The match was a back and fourth type match as well with no one really having a big advantage on the other. It ended with Angle putting AJ Styles in the ankle lock and AJ reversed it into a roll up pin. It obviously couldn’t have been too spectacular considering he had already wrestled, but it was still a great match that was main event worthy. After the pin, Angle attacked Styles with Steiner coming to help, but Samoa Joe came out as well and the Front Line cleaned their clocks sending the Mafia to the back. After the match, Samoa Joe stated since not everyone could get back stage, they would bring the back stage to us. All the faces of the night came back out and singed autographs, and for $20 you could get up in the ring with Samoa Joe and AJ Styles and take a picture. Of course I didn’t pass that up, and I took the three friends I went with into the ring with me.    

 In all honesty, I have been to quite a few wrestling events and I swear I’m not just saying this because I have been high on TNA lately, but this was the most energetic and well preformed show I have ever seen. Even when I saw The Rock live at the Nutter Center, TNA still put their all into the show for maybe 1,000 people while WWE only puts their all into major events. Sure, you can say that TNA puts more into it just because they aren’t established in a major spotlight yet, but if they keep this intensity with them for the next few years, they will surely catch up with WWE, I can promise you that. The major pop of the night went to AJ Styles, and I can say the only major downfall of the night was the lack of merchandise along with them not bringing a lot of their performers with them. They really need to get strict contracts with their wrestlers when it comes to traveling. The lack of members showing up from the two major stables was disappointing. But that’s really all the negatives there was from the show. Again, you can catch over 200 pictures from the night on my Myspace account, That’s it for this one, check out the pictures and get at me!


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