The Dog Pound – Category 5

In my last editorial, I spoke about some new faces coming into the WWE, as well as some old faces making their long awaited returns. However, as pointed out to me by one of my loyal readers, there was one man I forgot to mention; a man who made his return to Smackdown this past Friday after a year+ absence. That man, Hurricane Helms!

That’s right, this past Friday night Helms made his much anticipated return from neck fushion surgery. I don’t know about all of you fans out there, but I believe NOW would be a perfect time to push helms as a top face on the Smackdown brand. Think about it, Helms got his start with the Hardy’s and their OMEGA promotion; now with Matt as ECW champion, and Jeff ever closer to winning the big one, should Helms not get his due?

Weeks prior to his return, Helms would “pop-up” and insinuate certain things about certain stars, which prepared us all for his comeback. I can also say, I was very pleased with the reaction He got from the crowd when he returned. I think wrestling MVP was a great way for Helms to start off on the right foot. It not only continues MVP’s losing streak but it gives Helms a win against an upper-midcard guy like MVP to get right into a hunt, say for the U.S. title.

I remember saying a couple weeks ago to a buddy of mine that I hoped helms didn’t return as the Hurricane (with full costume and all) and I am glad to see that he didn’t. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if he did because the WWE does try to market towards children, but the cross between his Helms characters and Hurricane character fits him so much better. Like when the Undertaker returned and mixed his biker and deadman gimmicks.

So, with a win over MVP under his belt, whats next for the Hurricane? Do we see a full blown fued between the two, or do we see Helms gunning for some gold? Or, being that it is the WWE, do we soon see Helms becoming a curtain-jerking jobber? If it were up to me, as I said, I think Helms now is in the position to be a big player for this brand.

I’d love to see fueds between Helms and Kendrick; Helms and Benjamin; even Helms vs. Edge! Over the next couplr months, should his neck continue to hold up and he continues to stay injury free, I say Helms could be a lock for the MITB match at Wrestlemania 25.

Hurricane Helms is back, and he’s quickly approaching a Category 5! I’m just sayin’.


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