Matt Hardy Speaks on Retiring, Teaming with Jeff, More

– Mike Mooneyham of the Charleston Post & Courier has a new interview with ECW Champion Matt Hardy for the weekend. Below are some of the highlights:

Matt on his recent injury: “I do what I need to do as far as icing and heating, and giving the treatment it needs. It’s one those things. It comes with the territory. If you’re a professional wrestler and you work a tough schedule like we do, you’re going to get hurt. It’s one of those things where you can’t sweat it. You just have to understand that there’s going to be an injury, and you have to learn how to treat it and deal with it and get through it.”

Matt on his brother Jeff: “I really don’t think it’s affected him that much, because he’s Jeff and he doesn’t let things bother him that much,” says Matt. “I think these days Jeff gets a bad rap for some of these things, because Jeff is really good and he’s in a great place in his life. There was a time, if you go back to 2003, had you asked me if I was worried about Jeff, I would have told you that I really was worried about Jeff. Now I have zero worries about him.” “It’s one those things where Jeff is a totally free spirit, and Jeff has to live thorough a set of rules,” adds his older brother. “For example, whenever he wrestled Triple H in the first match, there was a spot where Jeff pulled out of the ring to do a front flip dive on Hunter, and Hunter moved, and Jeff hit the floor. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, do you think you’re going to be able to finish that match?’ But Jeff was fine. It’s no big deal for him to take some kind of huge risk, and he really doesn’t worry about the consequences. Sometimes in life that’s how it is. It’s hard for him to live in a system to a degree. But Jeff is actually doing real well right now.”

Matt on Jeff and the WWE Title: “I think WWE will pull the trigger on him. I hope they do because it’s something he totally deserves. He’s sacrificed his body and everything he has for the professional wrestling/sports entertainment business through WWE. I think it’ll happen sooner rather than later. Jeff has really grown up and matured a lot inside.”

Matt on him and Jeff teaming: “I definitely think we’ll be the first team I can think of who were an extremely talented tag team within the confines of WWE and who were real brothers who went on to both become legitimate world champs.”

Matt on his relationship with Lita: “She’s doing OK. I talk to her every so often. We’re friendly and get along. It’s all good. You can’t sit back and hold on to something forever. It’s bad on you. It’s going to affect you going forward.”

Matt on finishing his career: “I definitely can see myself in the ring for another four or five years. My body is pretty good. I think I’ve got a lot of things left to do. I’m very honored and very proud to be ECW champion, but my goal is to become the world heavyweight champion and even the WWE heavyweight champion. I’m sure ECW is not going to be where I finish out my career. I think there a lot of things left for me to do here, and I would even like to start contributing more behind the scenes to help out some of the newer guys and younger guys just because I’m at a point in my career where I can do that. I just signed a new contract, so I’m going to be around for a little while.”