Update on Hulk Hogan as Referee, Wrestler Sent to Hospital

– Former WWE star Aaron “Jesus” Aguilera had an emergency appendectomy on Thursday after being rushed to the hospital in great pain. He was working as the Masked Zodiac in Fukui, Japan.

– SLAM! Wrestling has a big article on Reid Flair’s official wrestling debut tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina. Reid will team with older brother David against The Nasty Boys and manager Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart. Additionally, Hulk Hogan will be the special guest referee for the match. Show promoter and Highspots.com owner Mike Bochicchio explained how Hogan got involved in the show.

“Ric Flair approached Hogan and wanted him to be part of this to make it a big show for his kid,” Bochicchio said. “Hogan is good friends with the Nasty Boys and stuff so, it’s just one of those things where he’s doing it out of love for wrestling, not so much because someone wants him to be there. He’s not going to do autographs, he’s not going to do pictures. He’s coming in strictly to be part of Reid’s match and probably in all honesty as a favor to Ric.”

Regarding a possible WWE developmental deal, Reid said, “I think it is (on the table). I’d like to get a chance to get a better view of the business first and see how things work and learn to appreciate it, instead of just getting down to Florida just because of who I was. I want to kind of work through things, do it like how everyone else does it. I know some things will be different because of my last name but I didn’t want go down to Florida without any knowledge of wrestling or basically be down there because of who I was.”