The Latest on Evan Bourne, Vince McMahon Speaks

– Throughout this week, WWE wrestlers have commented on the importance of the “Tribute to the Troops” show put on for the U.S. troops overseas. The consistent theme has been that this event is more significant than WrestleMania on the yearly calendar. The wrestlers certainly sound authentic in making that comparison, as many wrestlers return from the trip completely changed or humbled by the experience. But the directive to approach this as the key event of the entire year in WWE comes from Vince McMahon. “It’s the biggest and most important thing we do all year,” McMahon told Black Anthem, which covers military news. “Everybody thinks WrestleMania is our biggest event – but this is our biggest event every year.” U.S. soldiers had a chance to meet with McMahon, as well as John Cena, Kelly Kelly, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, and Eve Torres for a special meet-and-greet prior to the taping of the NBC special.

– Evan Bourne is still several weeks away from returning to the ring while recovering from his severe ankle injury suffered one month ago on ECW TV. Right now, he’s passing the time with his macbook, Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, and various DVDs. “All this talk about recovery and time-tables can get a little depressing,” Bourne said on WWE Universe. “Focusing on rehab gets exhausting, but I refuse to let the negativity in!” Bourne added that he wishes he was on the Tribute to the Troops tour, but he intends to be on future trips.