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Spoilers: WWE Tribute to the Troops Tapings Results

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Friday, December 5th, 2008

SSG Nick Minecci attended the Tribute to the Troops show in Iraq and passed along the following recap:

1. defeated Maria in a dark match. Not sure if she was just selling, but Maria was holding her jaw pretty good after the match.

2. , , and defeated , Morrison, and . The crowd was very into and the whole “What’s Up!” and there were a lot of chants for CM Punk, who got worked over hard during the match. Jeff Hardy was the star with this crowd though, and he seemed to really enjoy being around the troops.

A Cryme Tyme Christmas (with Santa’s Helper Divas)

3. , and beat , and . Rey was pummeled for a good portion of the match, and there were a lot of chants for Cena. During the match Jericho and Big Show had words, then Big Show crushed Jericho and then Orton, and walked out of the match. It was really funny watching Cena and ’s facial expressions when Big Show took down the other two, and then wave bye to him as he left.

Notes: Orton and Jericho are so focused in the ring, it was amazing to watch their attitude and facial expressions. Jeff Hardy is MASSIVE over, at least with this crowd, followed by Batista and John Cena tied. It is amazing that every time Jericho was in the ring he got booed heavy, he has massive heat. I got an RKO chant going, I admit, I am a mark for him.

Before the show, Joey Styles came out and said some nice things. He is a bigger guy than I thought. Vince came out and while he had the ego look going, he seemed very humble when he spoke to the crowd about the trip, he seemed very sincere.

I always thought Kelly was hot, but good God, she is AMAZINGLY hot in person. I also always thought Maria and Lillian Garcia were ok, but seeing them in person, I am amazed by how beautiful they are. I know some people will want to hunt me down for this, but is not as hot in person.

Shad is a really cool guy, after the matches all the wrestlers (oh, I did it again) came out to the ring and were taking photos and signing everything in sight, Shad and some others walked through the crowd. Oh, when you watch, when Rey jumps into the crowd during his entrance, he jumped right on me! And after the show, Big Show went crowd surfing! I have the photos!

In all, a very fun few hours for us here, and a really sincere thanks to the WWE and all their folks for making the Christmas season, at least for a day, truly fun here.


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