JBL Discusses the Troops Show, HBK Feud and More

– JBL has been with WWE on all six of their “Tribute to the Troops” shows to the Middle East and he takes pride in helping get it off the ground to support the U.S. troops when many people have forgotten about the troops, he says. “It was my idea, but that’s where it stops. WWE took the ball and ran with everything,” JBL told Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun about where the Tribute show idea came from. “Vince McMahon gives me a lot of credit, but I really don’t deserve that much. It was my idea to give to him and within a few weeks, they had formulated the entire plan.”

JBL was asked about his current health and he said he’s still banged up and probably should have retired by now, but he’s enjoying being in the ring and having a real program with Shawn Michaels on the main stage. “My back’s not great and I can’t wrestle a full schedule,” JBL said. “I’m probably one of those guys who’s hung on too long, but I’m enjoying it right now. So far, I can still do most of what I used to do and hide most of my flaws. When it gets to where I can’t hide them at all, I’ll probably call it quits.”

JBL said about his program with Shawn Michaels: “This is phenomenal with Shawn. We’ve never worked on a big stage together. For me, this is a real treat. Shawn’s one of the best ever, so this is a real treat for me.”