Updates on Cena & Batista, WWE DVD’s, More

– SmackDown stars Edge & Natalya as well as WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson appeared at the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto yesterday to help with a fundraising effort. SLAM! Wrestling interviewed Edge at the food bank and he said he is still working on getting back in ring shape. “I’ve got to get back to feeling abnormal, because I feel too normal right now,” he referred half-jokingly to his hips after the sorting. “There’s a transition period. Usually after some time off it takes about two to three weeks to where you take a turnbuckle and your hips don’t feel like they’ve been shattered. It’s not good for the body. And when you don’t do it for a while, you really realize that. But it’s getting there.” Natalya also spoke out. “When I’m not busy, I’m kind of like ‘I don’t know what to do with myself,'” Natalya said. “That’s why coming to the food bank and doing stuff here, whether I’m in the United States, Europe, or Canada especially — I love coming back to Canada, it’s my home — is amazing. It’s very rewarding.”

– WWE’s DVD release of Eddie Guerrero tops Billboard’s Video Sales – Recreational Sports DVD chart for the second week in a row. The Hell in the Cell DVD fell down to No. 3 in its sixth week out. No other wrestling titles made the chart as the TNA three-pack fell off in its second week out.

– Batista has a blog on the WWE Universe site talking about his trip to Iraq. He said he had been asking to come on the tour for years, but it never seemed to work out. “This year the scheduling finally worked out with me being on Raw and all now,” Batista wrote. Batista also added that it’s his pleasure to meet the servicemen, not theirs. “I am going be as much of a fan as the servicemen and women will be come show day! They have been so excited to see us so far, but they need to understand we are just as humbled and excited to spend time with them as they are with us,” Batista wrote. “It’s not their pleasure, it is ours!”

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena has a blog checking in from Iraq. “I keep coming back here because I have a soft spot for the Armed Forces. It’s the most important day on our calendar,” Cena wrote. “During Tribute to the Troops, the troops are the stars! That is what makes it all worth it. It also means a lot to me coming to the Middle East this year as World Heavyweight Champion. It’s going to be pretty cool. We offer the troops the opportunity to let their hair down, and have fun, and just enjoy the show.”