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Okay I’ll be honest, not a whole lot has really grabbed my attention these past few weeks with WWE programming. However, a topic popped into my head today, and I could not wait to put fingers to keyboard and let it out! There are a few new, and some old faces the WWE audience will be getting to know very soon, and that has me excited. What does this mean for us fans? What does it mean for them? Will they seize the moment and shine through? You might be asking yourself, what the hell is he even talking about? Read on and you’ll see.

The “bizzare one” Goldust has recently made what seems to be a full-time return to Raw. Being that he also appears to be in much better shape than the last time we saw him (helping Vader take down the Undertaker) I am very pleased with how he has added more comedy to the show, along with Santino Marrella. The interaction between the two has been great and I only hope that the WWE perhaps puts these two together in an oddball tag team (ala Goldust/Booker T).

I have always been intrigued with the Goldust character from the very beginning. Whether he played the bizzare freak, or the stuttering fan favorite, the guy seems to always be on his game. One of the first promos I can remember watching was Goldust with Marlena talking trash to Shawn Michaels, and he had nothing but the Intercontinental Title covering him up. Weird and kind of creepy. All in all, this new/old character of Goldust has been reborn to the WWE audience, and I know I personally wouldn’t be opposed to a run with either the tag titles or even the IC title down the line.

We also recently got to bare witness to the in-ring debut of a guy whose name is…Dolph Ziggler. Now, for those that may not remember, Ziggler is the former Nicky of the Spirit Squad. I can say that during his days as a member of the SS I never was thrilled by his ability; but on Monday night against Batista, I liked what I saw.

This was not a job-match for the guy as he actually got some decent offense in on the animal. Going from this (almost) first impression alone, I can see big things for this guy in the future. The one question mark, will his gimmick last? Especially in the hey day where most guys are just themselves and are as real as possible, is there any room for a guy named Dolph? Ah I can see it now; a fued between the psuedo-adult film wrestlers Dolph Ziggler, and the ever-absent Val Venus. I’m telling you right now, barring any new suspensions in his future, or lack of focus by the creative team, Dolph Ziggler could be big.

What of Smackdown? Well, there happens to be a guy set to debut soon who’s I cannot wait to see what plans they have for this guy. Where can his gimmick go from vignettes to in-ring? I have been fortunate enough to see Kizarny wrestle (as Sinn Bowdee) and I’ll tell you, he has the skill.

Ever since his first promo I have been anticipating the arrival of Kizarny. Will he be a face, or a heel? Who will he go after first? How long will the creative team focus on him, I mean we all see what has happened to guys like MVP, The Brian Kendrick, and even R-Truth to some extent. Kizarny has the potential, and hopefully won’t fall the way of Kevin Thorn and Elijah Burke.

Perhaps the biggest name that has come up recently however, is WWE Diva/TNA Knockout/WWE Diva, Gail Kim. I am PUMPED for her to return to the WWE. Kim has been one of my favorite female wrestlers for awhile now, and thought she did an amazing job while in TNA. I also thought it was a BIG mistake for the WWE to let her go in the first place.

That said, upon returning, which brand should she go too? Raw has the Woman’s Title, with solid wrestlers like Beth Pheonix, Melina, Mickie James, Jillian, and even Kelly Kelly. Smackdown has a group all their own with reigning Diva’s champion Michelle McCool. As much as I’d love to see Kim on Raw where she mostly belongs, I say have her return to Smackdown and really show McCool who the boss is.

I have not been impressed with McCool at all, and I feel that with other diva’s like Natalya and Victoria, Smackdown could really build their own CREDIBLE division to rival Raw. Gail Kim has all the tools to be one of the best Womans wrestlers to ever hold gold, and having her return to a brand that is still trying to identify themselves as a woman’s wrestling brand would be the right way to go. Keep in mind, she did help establish the TNA Knockout division after all.

So, with the returns of guys like Goldust, and Nick Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler,) as well as the debut and return-debut of Kizarny and Gail Kim, I guess it is safe to say that in the coming weeks the WWE will once again shake its own foundation. Out of the people mentined, who do you think will have the best success? After all, they’re asking for… just an opportunity.


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