What Happened After RAW & More Live Notes

– Thanks to Ken McAndrew for the following live notes from last night’s RAW in DC:

Pre-show, I headed out to get some food and they had a merchandise stand, but it wasn’t selling and they had security. I figured that something was happening there and sure enough, that’s where Raw opened with Jericho.

We thought Rey got legit hurt from the way he fell off the ramp and banged his arm, so it was a small surprise to see him against Miz later. Also during the show, Kelly Kelly did the kiss cam just before the Jillian/Melina match.

Post-show, after the refs jumped in to break up the beat down, Jericho came to the ring to denigrate the fans and say he’d beat them all up (I tried to yell “what if we like you?”) and Batista came out (hometown boy of course) and gave him a beatdown complete with spinebuster and Batista bomb. Dave then hit the mike and noted that he bounced two blocks from Verizon Center, and that the arena location used to be his gym, before heading around to slap hands on his way out.

But Lillian gets post-show moment of the week. Earlier, when Grisham did his “show us your signs” bit in a commercial, they found a “Jillian sings better than Lillian” sign, which got booed. Someone must have gotten it after the show though, because as she was leaving ringside, she stopped and ripped up what looked to be that sign. And yes, she’s damn hot in person!

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