JR Blog: Next Week’s RAW, Smackdown, Jericho, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog at jrsbarbq.com. The highlights:

– Overall, I thought Raw was a solid broadcast but at times it felt like I was being overwhelmed with content. That might be more of an indication of my age or the way I enjoy watching TV and less an indictment on the program. Sometimes I think many wrestling shows cram too much in their hour or two hour format and forget that the vast majority of the viewers have much info to retain in their lives in a 144 hour week.

– Chris Jericho’s mic skills hearken back to Edge prior to his Hell in a Cell match with the Undertaker. Edge was the hottest ticket in the WWE for my money at that time and one can assume it is only a matter of time before Edge hits his verbal stride on Friday Night Smackdown. Nonetheless Jericho has been “money” on the mic in recent weeks. He’s one of the primary reasons I enjoy watching my old program.

– Friday Night Smackdown attracted almost 3.8 million viewers last Friday night breaking another record on MyNetworkTV. Smackdown was also the most watched broadcast program on TV Friday night in several demos including all persons 12-17 and virtually every male demo in the entertainment genre.

– All three announce teams will be front and center in Philly next Monday night for the HUGE, 3 hour Raw that starts one hour early at 8/7 central on USA. This really creates a busy week for “The World’s Angriest Announcer” (Tazz) and me as we then have to do the Smackdown doubleheader the next night up in Bridgeport, Ct. As one of my heroes John Wayne would say, “Don’t worry about the horses, just load the wagon.”