Former WWE Diva Speaks on Gail Kim/Release, WWE Bashed

– Author Irvin Muchnick continued to criticize WWE officials over their actions following the Benoit family tragedy in an article posted at Slam Wrestling. “Let’s review,” writes Muchnick. “We already know that WWE staged the Monday Night Raw tribute to Benoit despite knowledge by company executives that the deaths were not some random crime but, rather, murder-suicide by their beloved superstar. We know that security consultant Dennis Fagan’s Monday afternoon call to 911 was off by a cool 24 hours in its report of the time of Benoit’s text messages.

“Finally, we know that the Fayette County sheriff’s report airbrushed several aspects of the Benoit telephonic record. And we know that Georgia and Connecticut law enforcement authorities, collectively, bobbed and weaved like a heel tag team trying to run out the time limit, before the latter finally obeyed the law and released to me the Stamford police videotaped interrogation of Matthew Greenberg, the ‘Benoit Wikipedia hacker.'” To read the full story, visit Slam Wrestling.

– Recently released WWE Diva Lena Yada celebrated a birthday party with former coworker Brie Bella at the Ecco Ultra Lounge in Hollywood, Calif. on Nov. 20. According to an insider who attended the party, she told friends that she doesn’t believe she was fired because she shares a similar look with recently signed Diva Gail Kim. Rather, she stated that the company is in the midst of making budget cuts and added that she was injured during her in-ring training.