Cena and Kelly Appear Together for WWE’s Troops Show

– MSNBC interviewed John Cena and Kelly Kelly yesterday afternoon regarding the “Tribute to the Troops” taking place for the sixth straight year. David Schuster asked about how long they are there and what the goal is of the tour.

Kelly said they are there for three days. Cena said they love entertaining the troops with “a legitimate WWE event.” Schuster asked what happens if someone asks for a match finish ahead of time. Cena either missed or ignored the question and instead said the troops love to ask about what’s going on in WWE these days.Kelly said the troops talks about their families, war stories, and how proud they are to be serving their country.

Schuster knew that Cena defeated Chris Jericho to win the WWE Title. He asked if either were nervous about going to Iraq, noting that some of the helicopters they ride on crash or are shot down. Kelly said when she gets there, she’s so excited to meet the troops, she doesn’t think about it. Cena said he can’t think of a safer environment since he’s surrounded by “the best of the best.” He said nothing makes him prouder.

Schuster thanked them for traveling to entertain the troops. Then he plugged the Dec. 20 special on NBC, obviously an MSNBC affiliate. It airs at 9 p.m. as a one-hour broadcast network special for the first time. In the past it’s aired as a two hour special on Raw on either USA Network or previously Spike TV.

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