The Jey Files – PPV Results, Other

 Yo peeps its time for The Jey Files! First things first, here’s the results from what you guys sent in for the Ultimate PPV. I gotta say it was a lot of fun hearing from so many of you guys and hearing your opinions on this, so thank you to all those who e-mailed!

Fatal Four Way TLC Match for the World Tag Team Titles- The Hardyz vs. LAX vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Dudleyz.

Voted Winner: Edge & Christian
Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Evan Bourne Vs. MVP Vs .AJ Styles Vs. The Miz vs. CM Punk vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Voted Winner: CM Punk
– Barbed Wire Ropes Match for ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Raven vs. Sabu vs. RVD vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Tazz vs. Shane Douglas

Voted Winner: RVD

Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match For The WWE Championship:
Triple H vs. Hulk Hogan vs. Undertaker

Voted Winner: Hulk Hogan

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Goldberg vs. Mike Awesome vs. Kane vs. Abyss

Voted Winner: Goldberg
War Games:
Team WCW – Ric Flair, Sting, Booker T
Team WWW – Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, The Rock
Team ECW – Tommy Dreamer, Sandman & New Jack

Voted Winner: Team WCW

 I was shocked at what most people thought about some of the matches, like Hulk Hogan beating Triple H and Taker both, but hey. It wasn’t my choice so I cant disagree. Again, thank you to everyone, I had fun!

 Welp, I wont do anything more for this week except give the thoughts on the wrestling shows from this past week. Honestly, I was kind of bored with the WWE shows for the week. I barley paid attention to ECW except for the Dreamer and Swagger match. It was fairly good, but it’s almost like watching an HBK title match, you already know that Dreamer is going to lose in any big matches he’s in. And when did The Boogeyman get teeth??? Maybe that’s why he was out for so long, he had front teeth put in his mouth. But I’m real hype about seeing what they will do with him now that he’s back, I always have liked him. On the latest RAW show…whatever. The last segment was a bad attempt in trying to get people distracted from the fact Cena coming back is a bad thing. The kiss ass attempt he made on the mic was drawn out, but that’s what we have to look forward to I guess. And it also looks as if we get to see the same matches over and over again; Jericho gets a title shot instead of Orton. In the Kofi Kingston match, I really think it should have ended differently. They should have made Kofi win by a roll up pin or something, and THEN had Kane stomp the crap out of him. It was a tournament match and the disqualification really didn’t prove anything to make us think he deserves to advance. Something else that I didn’t like was CM Punk struggling against Snitsky in their match. It was a disgrace since Snitsky is a jobber and Punk is a former champ so how he would struggle against Snitsky is beyond me. But not all is bad in the world of the WWE Universe, now is it? EDGE has returned and is now the new WWE champ!! The Rated R Superstar’s return is amazingly perfect timing so we can actually have something to keep our interests peaked in the WWE. And I don’t know about you, but are Miz and Morrison really the best tag team of the century or what??? Them making fun of Festus was just about the funniest thing I have ever seen in wrestling besides The Rock’s promos. Maybe that’s just me and maybe I’m just easily amused. But hey, I liked it. Something else, I really hope they don’t keep Kennedy in his face persona. I HATE IT! Get back to the entertaining heel he was when he first came in PLEASE! And change his dumb theme music too, its pretty corny.

 So I was kinda excited about the new name for the TNA Originals because I thought that one sucked anyway. Im down with the group, and then when Rhino joined I was even more hyped up before. And then they come out with the new name that is supposed to define the group. And the name is…TNA Front Line. Wow. They renamed their group after a flea and tick remover for dogs. And I know I’m still pretty new to the whole TNA thing, but the whole Turkey Bowl thing is a little dumb to me. Don’t get me wrong though, the matches were okay to watch. I just wasn’t really into it at all. And in the Jeff Jarrett promo, he claimed that he has been a World Champion everywhere he has been. Do what??? Do they think we forgot he was in the WWE at one point in time or something? And like their Heavyweight Title even means anything, ever since the last PPV, its like their World Title doesn’t even exist. And the 6 man tag match they have set up is beyond dumb in my opinion. They are putting a little too much into their stable storylines and not enough in their belts. If you don’t have the titles meaning anything, you really don’t have anything at all. And holy friggin shiznit, they have GOT to stop making references to the past. Last week, Foley made references to DX and the nWo while Rhino mentioned ECW. This week, 3D mentioned ECW AGAIN. Now, the references to the Steiner or Harlem Heat make sense since Scott and Booker were right there. But they have GOT to let TNA breathe on its own without making a ton of references to the past. How can I see the Main Event Mafia as its own group when you keep comparing them to past groups? Knock it off guys. And did anyone else see Team 3D turning on the Mafia as clear as I did? My girlfriend even said she saw that one coming and she isn’t a wrestling fan.

 Anyway, that’s it for this week, but keep in mind that next week’s column will be all the results for the TNA house show here in Troy this coming Friday! IM OUT THIS BIA!

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