Linda’s Thoughts – A Terrific Smackdown

Welcome back Edge. Smackdown really shined this past Friday night. And I believe it all has to do with the very hot Edge, Jeff Hardy and Triple H angle. How refreshing it is not to have The Big Show and Undertaker focused so much on the show. I’m telling you their feud never took off, and I’m glad that next week their cage match will be the last time we have to see these two feud. I am going to say that this edition of Smackdown was totally entertaining. In fact after a very poor Survivor Series, WWE made a very strong comeback with Raw, ECW and Smackdown. Also this was another double taping for the show and I am giving major props to the Albany, NY crowd. They were absolutely on fire Friday night. I hope I can say that next week as well. It’s not easy sitting for back-to-back shows, so it will be interesting to see how this crowd does for the next Smackdown.

As most of you know I was a very big Edge/Vickie fan. Their over the top antics almost always made me laugh. And when WWE split them up I was a little bummed by it. And lets face it; Vickie and Big Show had zero chemistry. It seemed like all the great work that she did with Edge was sort of forgotten. I really thought that this couple was a thing of the past.  And the more time Edge took off the more used to the split I became. So when Edge popped up last week at the Survivor Series I was a little surprised that Vickie and her baby were back. It’s not like I needed this to happen. However, Friday night I have to say it was great seeing them back together. Edge definitely brings out the very best in Vickie and I am glad we have them back. I thought the opening was excellent when Edge hit the ring. The heat that these two got was outstanding and along with the happy couple, plus appearances by Jeff Hardy, Hunter, and even Kozlov this totally set the tone for a very solid show. The theme for the night was Beat the Clock matches and each one turned out very well.

The first beat the Clock match was a good one with Hardy taking on THE Brian Kendrick. I will admit that I expected a lot of highflying moves, so I was somewhat surprised that we really didn’t get much. But this still turned out well and after Hardy’s win; the time to beat was 12:13. But before the next BTC match we got Maryse, Natalya, and Victoria vs. Brie and Nikki Bella and Michelle McCool. I don’t know if you guys will agree with me, but Maryse has looked like the total star in the ring, and she especially looked great in her Survivor Series match. Hey if I was Vince I would make her the next women’s’ champion. And it was Maryse that looked good again Friday night. At least it looks like McCool is finally turning heel, and as I have said before I think that a heel turn for her is a very smart move. All in all this wasn’t a bad match, in fact I liked how fast paced this one was. Now the next beat the Clock match was with Matt Hardy vs. Kozlov. Matt worked his ass off through out this one, and thanks to him this didn’t come off bad at all. I can’t tell you how happy I am that Kozlov didn’t beat the clock and is now out of the title picture. I guess it took that one miserable match against Triple H at the Survivor Series to pull the plug on his title push. And believe me you won’t hear me complaining about that at all.

While I’m getting very tired of the Jesse/Festus duo, their match against The Miz and Morrison was a riot. I can’t get over how the team of Morrison and the Miz has really come into their own. For a fan that couldn’t stand the Miz, I have no problem watching him once they teamed him up with Morrison. The match itself was nothing special, but the after match was where I could not stop laughing. It all started when Morrison and Miz started playing around with Festus and the ring bell. And as funny as that was it was when the Miz had Morrison hit the bell and the Miz would react exactly like Festus that I really started laughing loudly. I am telling you this was funny and it just made me realize just what these two bring to the shows.

I was glad to see Mr. Kennedy….Kennedy interviewing Triple H and not stuck in a lame segment like the one on Raw. Kennedy came off very natural with the interview, and when Hunter made a sarcastic wise crack about that awful Obama segment on Raw calling it riveting, I had to laugh. Hopefully Kennedy will never have to be part of such a ridiculous segment again.  And finally the main event with Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin was very good. I have always liked watching these two go at it, and Friday night their chemistry continued. I was so glad to see Hunter bounce back after that miserable thing you call a match at the Survivor Series. This match told a very good story. You had Hunter wanting to beat Hardy’s time so he could face Edge for the title at Armageddon. And you had Benjamin not only hitting a lot of offense on Hunter, but he would also do his best to stall by walking away. Every time he did this you could just see Hunter getting more nervous about the clock running out. Let’s just say this was match that had it all good wrestling, a lot of excitement, and a cliffhanger ending which will determine just who will face Edge since Hunter tied Hardy’s time. Of course wasn’t waiting until next week and they have posted on their site that it will be a cliffhanger ending and a triple threat match at Armageddon with Edge vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy. This match makes me very happy it really does.

This show was really all wrestling, and all good wrestling. I will give Smackdown the edge over Raw and ECW this week, it’s a slight edge, but an edge. Okay before I forget, I was wrong which is so not me, Ha Ha. Kane is facing Cena tomorrow night on Raw. I said it was for the title, but a few of my readers emailed me to let me know that it’s not a title match. So I want to thank them for correcting my error. I will be back on Tuesday or Wednesday with my Raw thoughts. I’m hoping tomorrow we will get an idea about what JBL and HBK talked on last weeks show. See I didn’t forget, and I definitely want to see more interaction between Batista and Orton. Raw has been on a hot streak so let’s hope that streak continues tomorrow night.

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