Former WWE Writer Speaks Out Against Recent Storylines

– Former WWE creative team member Seth Mates criticized his former employers for the stunt they pulled with Jeff Hardy on Survivor Series Sunday in a blog. “Fact: Jeff Hardy is one strike away from his WWE career ending,” Mates writes. “More importantly, he could be one relapse away from endangering his own life. To turn his real-life struggles into a storyline is sick and twisted.”

Mates was also critical of the company’s decision to have Undertaker stuff Vickie Guerrero inside a casket around the same time as the anniversary of Eddie Guerrero’s death. “Vince’s life is wrestling,” Mates wrote regarding Vince McMahon. “His family’s life is wrestling. He’s surrounded by wrestling people and has never wanted for anything.

“And because his philosophy is ‘what’s right for the business is what’s right,’ then he feels everyone around him should give the same, even though they have complications in their daily lives that Vince wouldn’t even understand. And the fact that Vince surrounds himself with enablers — “yes men” whose survival on the business is contingent on keeping Vince happy and telling him what he wants to hear — doesn’t help matters.” To read the full article, visit

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