Mr. Kennedy Speaks on Being a Heel, Steroids, More

– Mr. Kennedy appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling show this past Sunday to comment on his recent injury, his suspension last year following a violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy, as well as his starring role in the upcoming movie “Behind Enemy Lines 3.”

Kennedy commented on his latest injury, which he suffered during a match with Shelton Benjamin this past August. “We were basically side to side and he hit his finisher and our bodies got kind of caught between each other and I couldn’t move my arm,” Kennedy said. “I hit the mat on my chest and my arm was stretched across my chest, so I hit elbow-first and it just popped my arm right out of its socket. That was the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through in my life.”

Kennedy said his arm still needs time to heal, but he hopes to be back in the ring as soon as possible. “The date that Dr. Andrews gave the office for my return date, was February 28. I could come back sooner, or I could come back later,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy once again commented on the whole Signature Pharmacy mess, which resulted in a suspension from WWE last year. “I just learned to basically shut my mouth about stuff. It seemed as though any time I would turn around and say something, well they would analyze that stuff and say ‘he did this, this, this and this.’ I’d be reading about it at home and be like ‘no, that’s not right,’ Kennedy said. “When they asked me if I took steroids and I said no, I didn’t at the time. The thing is, my doctor was getting the stuff from Signature Pharmacy. I never once went to an Internet website and ordered any of that stuff.”

Kennedy also feels newcomers don’t need to take steroids to get ahead in the wrestling business. “In this day and age, in the business, you don’t need stuff like that,” Kennedy said. “People think that by taking steroids, you instantly turn into the incredible hulk and you beat women and children and rage and throw stuff around and kill your family members.”

Lastly, Kennedy said it’s a lot easier being a heel as opposed to a babyface. “I find that it’s easier to get somebody to boo you than it is to get somebody to cheer you,” Kennedy said. “Some of my best stuff was actually down in OVW, under Paul Heyman’s direction. I’d love to go back to being a heel. I would like to be a babyface some day.”

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