JR Blog: Austin Calls, The Great Muta, Guerrero DVD, More

– Jim Ross has a new blog entry up over at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

On struggling to watch the Eddie Guerrero DVD: Even though the Eddy Guerrero DVD is currently a #1 best seller it is really hard for me to watch. I became very close with Eddy during some really trying times of his life and like many of his fans I made an emotional investment in the human being, not just the wrestler, and his death was another passing that was tough on me as a man and in my role as the head of talent for the WWE. It is one heck of a DVD as evidenced by how it affects many of Eddy’s friends who I have spoken with about the recently released DVD. I envy no man who has the head of talent for any wrestling company for a variety of reasons because if one does that job correctly it will take a little out of said individual every single day.

On Jeff Hardy: It is amazing how topical Jeff Hardy is at this time with my friends who watch Smackdown and that Jeff seems more popular to ever to them even though he hasn’t “won the big one.” Most of my friends are simply casual wrestling fans who don’t over analyze the product and watch the 2 hour Friday night show and then call it a week for their wrestling “fix.”

On The Great Muta: Reading recently about the Great Muta, it reminded me of the time when I was on the WCW Booking Asylum, Er, Committee and I suggested that the handsome, young and talented Kenji Muta might make a great protagonist at some point in his WCW run. The look on the faces of many of my peers reminded me of what it must have been like when it was suggested to Caucasian wrestling territory owners that African American wrestlers be put into positions of prominence in the territory. I was passionately reminded that American wrestling fans would NEVER support a Japanese protagonist thanks to December 7, 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor. Forget that moment occurred almost half a century before as the idea wasn’t embraced and never fully materialized. I just know that Muta was a star and without the face paint back in the late 80’s the ladies in the CNN Center in Atlanta loved the guy.

On Stone Cold: Stone Cold called me Friday and finished his movie project up in Vancouver and is looking forward to doing some hunting on his Texas ranch over the next few weeks. Steve is driving himself and his dog from near Los Angles all the way to South Texas beginning Saturday morning but is planning on stopping to watch the OU Football game Saturday night with his chocolate Lab.