WWE-Troops Update, Randy Orton’s Bad Habits, More

– The latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated has an article examining Randy Orton, which notes his smoking habit. The article suggests he could improve his stamina in the ring if he quit the habit. They wrote: “He’s always had an impressive physique but only recently got serious about doing more intensive cardiovascular training. Quitting smoking could also help to improve his stamina.” The magazine also noted his checkered behavioral history and said he’s going to have stay out of trouble for an extended period time before WWE can fully trust him. They wrote: “Orton is going to have to stay on the straight and narrow outside the ring for a lengthy period of time before he can be fully trusted as someone WWE can rely upon to be one of its centerpiece talents. Fairly or unfairly, there are those who wonder if he’s capable of abiding by WWE’s behavioral expectations for the long haul. To his credit, Orton has acknowledged that he’s brought those doubts on himself — a hopeful sign that he’s finally ready to reserve his bad boy persona for the ring.”

– WWE fans in Philadelphia are going to have to deal with a number of SmackDown preemptions in Philadelphia this coming baseball season since the local MyNetworkTV affiliate just signed a deal to broadcast Philadelphia Phillies games. The affiliate’s website put out a press release announcing the return of Phillies games to the station.

– The WWE site has an article regarding the sixth annual Tribute to the Troops mission to the Middle East, which is set to take place next week following the Monday Night Raw taping at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. The article notes a few talents going on the tour including former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, Big Show, Joey Styles and Michael Cole. WWE’s one-hour Tribute to the Troops program is set to air on Saturday, December 20 on NBC.

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