The Latest on Christian Cage’s Plans, TNA Using Talents, More

– The belief within TNA right now is that Christian Cage is gone. TNA tried to talk him into staying and had a meeting with him where they asked him what would it take for him to stay. Officials even had several of the top talents try and talk Christian into staying but he wouldn’t commit, unless they are working everyone and planning a big surprise return. TNA wanted Cage to stick around and play one of the top babyfaces in the Front Line group. The belief in TNA is that he’s headed to WWE for a top run with Edge. TNA and Cage could still be working everyone but since WWE sources seem to think he’s coming in also, it looks like that’s where he’s headed.

– There is no talk right now of TNA taping a show at the Tokyo Dome this year even though the Global iMPACT special last year was considered a huge success. There is also no talk of doing any filming in the UK for a Global iMPACT or a regular iMPACT but they will be playing major arenas before some of the biggest crowds in TNA history.

– One of the reasons there are so many multiple person matches on TNA’s pay-per-views is because Dixie Carter doesn’t like the idea of paying talents who aren’t working so they do what they can to make sure everyone who is brought in and paid works.

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