TNA iMPACT! Results (11/27)

Report by Alex Hernandez and

# Alex Shelley defeated Cute Kip and Consequences Creed in a Turkey Bowl match.

# TNA X-Division champ Sheik Abdulah Bashir defeated Matt Morgan and Jimmy Rave in a Turkey Bowl match.

# The TNA Originals led by Rhino come to the ring. Rhino says he has taken the liberty to name the group the TNA Frontline. He talks about what it means and talks about ECW. He says that frankly, “ECW is the shits now” and that just like he believed in the original ECW, he believes in TNA. He says to prove that he will rid TNA of Kurt Angle at Final Resolution. He tells Samoa Joe and AJ Styles they will take care of the rest at the PPV, but, with no disrespect to the other members of the Frontline, they aren’t experienced enough. He says tonight they need to recruit more members. The Main Event Mafia comes out and Angle tells Rhino to think about what he’s doing. Rhino tells Angle to kiss his ass because now he’s going to get the war he wanted.

# Rhino defeated Hernandez and Sonjay Dutt in a Turkey Bowl match. The Turkey Bowl final is Rhino vs. Bashir vs. Shelley.

# Rhino, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles enter Team 3D’s locker room. They ask 3D to join the Frontline. 3D asks what’s in it for them. Joe tells them nothing but they should do what’s right. Devon and Joe have words and Brother Ray tells Devon that’s exactly the lack of respect that the Mafia is talking about.

# Lauren asks 3D about being asked to join the Frontline. As Ray begins to talk, Scott Steiner arrives and tells them the Mafia has an offer they can’t refuse and they go with him.

# Kurt Angle is talking to Team 3D in his locker room, reminding them how the Motor City Machineguns used to disrespect them. He gives them two suits and tells them to put them on when they make their decision.

# Christy Hemme defeated Raisha Saied to earn a TNA Knockouts championship match at the Final Resolution PPV. Rhaka Khan and Awesome Kong try to attack Hemme but she escapes.

# Rhino pinned Alex Shelley to win the Turkey Bowl and $25,000. Mick Foley came out to congratulate Rhino and awarded him the check. Foley tells Shelley to put on the turnkey suit and Shelley teases walking out. Foley tells him if he does, he’ll be walking out on a job. He tells Shelley he is good but he doesn’t need him. Shelley is hesitant but finally puts it on. Foley makes some jokes at his expense. Shelley says the only pro out of this is the picture he’ll get to put on his Myspace and gives Foley the finger. Foley hits Shelley with the double arm DDT.

# Rhino, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles come out looking for Team 3D’s decision. 3D come out wearing the suits Kurt Angle gave them. Brother Ray tells the Frontline that both sides are right but Kurt Angle said something that hit a nerve. Ray says that it’s the future. He says Team 3D wants to be remembered like all the other great teams like The Road Warriors, The Steiners, and even Harlem Heat. He asks if they want to be remembered for what they did in the original ECW or if they want to be part of the greatest collection of champions, complete as the Magnificent Seven. Ray said that if being part of the Frontline is wrong, then 3D doesn’t want to be right. They attack the Mafia and lay them out. They get a table but Sting saves Kurt Angle before they can nail him with the 3D.