WWE Changing Format of Announcing, WWE Stock News

– The quarterly dividend that Vince McMahon is getting from WWE stock is $11,451,255 and the annual would be $45,805,020. The total dividend WWE pays out per quarter is $20,477,892. That would be the profit margin Wall Street would like to see because it shows they could afford their dividend. Right now, WWE’s profits are nowhere close to that level.

– Vince McMahon’s latest kick with the WWE announcers is that he wants them to talk conversationally at all times and none of the building to a peak moment and yelling with excitement, something that became a Jim Ross trademark. Vince hasn’t used the name, but it sounds like he wants a style similar to the legendary Gordon Solie’s. Vince also wants the announcers to talk less during in-ring interviews and major spots on the show, preferring to let them lay everything out and let the action in the ring tell the story. Vince has especially been on Michael Cole’s case as of late to talk less. It may come off as the WWE announcers have lost some of their enthusiasm when broadcasting, but that’s really just the new policies.

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