News on HBK vs. Taker, Stephanie McMahon and More

– WWE referee Marty Elias is back on the road after taking a few weeks off following surgery on Thursday, September 18 for a ruptured hernia. Elias worked this past Monday night’s RAW taping.

– In case you didn’t notice, on Monday’s RAW, WWE’s cameras only shot Stephanie McMahon from the waist/chest up. Strangely, there were absolutely no full-body shots of Mrs. McMahon. According to a backstage source, it was no accident as the production crew did so on purpose due to Stephanie’s body shape at the moment and because she was in somewhat of a form-fitting outfit on RAW. WWE’s really particular on how they want their performers to look on television, as they don’t want to show them in a less-than-stellar light. As you all know, Stephanie gave birth to her second child this past July, a daughter named Murphy Claire Levesque. This same camera tactic was done as recently as a few weeks before she gave birth when she made some on-camera announcements regarding the status of RAW from WWE’s Studios in Stamford, CT. Of course, Stephanie was quite pregnant at the time, but you would never know it from the way she was shot on camera as she was only shot from the chest up. Anyway, Stephanie gained quite a bit of weight during her second pregnancy, which unfortunately for her, she hasn’t completely lost yet, hence the business suits and slimming black outfits, and why you shouldn’t expect to see her don anything too revealing in her latest on-camera role. It’s pretty well known within WWE that Stephanie has had confidence issues in the past regarding her appearance, going as far to say that a rude fan sign at least in part influenced her to get breast implants, and once saying on-screen “that she’s no Torrie Wilson” and that one of the reasons America is so great is because there are different body types and images.

– According to Dave Meltzer, Shawn Michaels has pitched to wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 in Houston, Texas. Obviously Undertaker would go over Michaels but the feeling is that the payoff for both Superstars would be very nice.