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SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT Tapings Results (12/4)

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

– Below are TNA iMPACT spoilers for the 12/4 show plus a match for the New Year’s Eve show:

Filming for a future episode this year:

Mike & Don on the ramp to start the show, what’s they are saying is inaudible to the live crowd.

They move to the ring to recap 2008…and hype matches airing on the Best of 2008 New Year’s edition of Impact.

The Beautiful People with Cute Kip defeated Roxxi & . Angelina Love pins Roxxi with a small package after Cute Kip reverses the one Roxxi had on Love.

Start of Impact for 12/4:

The Main Event Mafia comes out to start the show, mentions how got one over on them. He says they give 3D 60 seconds to come out or consider their death certificate signed. comes out, Brother Ray says,” First, let me introduce you to & ’s tag team partners for ”. He also says that the MEM stole from every company…..actually, raped every company they’ve ever been with. He also says he hopes he and Devon never become the egomaniacs they have become. They have broken the code between all the boys in the back. If they stay in power, there won’t be a TNA anymore, that’s why himself, Devon and the rest of the Frontline will make sure that will never happen. The members of the Frontline make their way through the crowd and mingle throughout the fans. says this show is dedicated to the MEM and taking them out. He says to that he should be alongside him and fighting the good fight instead of with MEM and he made the wrong choice. And he’ll be kicking his ass tonight. Brother Ray leads a chant “Tonight we kick the Main Event Mafia’s” as the crowd yells a**.

TNA Legends Title Match
with Sharmell vs. Samoa Joe
Booker pins Joe after the Beautiful People run down and spray their perfume in Joe’s eyes.

& AJ Styles defeated Amazing Kong & when Hemme pinned Kong

, & def Jimmy Rave, Sonjay Dutt w/ when Creed pinned Rave. Sheik Abdul Bashir was Dutt & Rave’s partner, but left the match after fans chanted USA and joined Mike & Don on commentary. Post match, he attacks Young and they fight up the ramp. Young steals the X Division title and celebrates in the ring with Creed & Lethal

comes out to the ring & asks to come out before the live crowd. Jarrett comes out. Angle says for Jeff and all the fans here to enjoy themselves tonight. He says tonight could be his last Impact. He says he’s more focused than ever for his match at Final Resolution and getting his match against . He said that over 2 yrs ago when he came to TNA, he and Jarrett have always butted heads and that Jarrett is jealous of his success. He doesn’t care what it takes or who’s blood has to spill, he says he’s never been this out of control in his life. Jarrett says he’s going to make it short and sweet. if angle
thinks he’s going to mess with his career, his company or his family. It’ll be over his dead body. Angle smiles as Jarrett leaves.

Non Title: Rhino defeated TNA champion Sting with a gore. During the match, both Angle & Styles make their way to ringside and brawl when Angle attempts to interfere, Rhino hits Sting with a Gore. The members of the Frontline rush to the ring to celebrate as Impact goes off the air.

Match taped for New Year’s Edition of Impact:

TNA World Tag Team Title Match
, Inc defeated LAX. Roode pinned Homicide with a rollup and handful of tights.


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