JR Blog: Survivor Series Notes, PPV Buys and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com, sharing his thoughts on the Survivor Series pay-per-view. Some of the highlights:

– The PPV was solid with a fair amount of parity. Several bouts were good with nothing over the top, from my perspective. The surprising return of Edge and the latest Jeff Hardy saga seemed to be the most discussed matters on the show.

– I had a blast working w/ all 3 announce teams. It’s always a little awkward with so many wanting to speak but it was fun for me and offered some entertaining moments.

– Loved Natalya using the “Sharp Shooter,” made famous by her HOF uncle Bret Hart. No, that’s not a Montreal reference, at least it wasn’t.

– Good to see referee Marty Elias back from injury.

– It was obvious that many in Boston enjoyed seeing Randy Orton beat Batista. Orton is young and defiant like many fans. I’m curious to see how this matter materializes. Orton is an anti-hero and anti-heroes sell tickets in today’s world.

– Hopefully the economy won’t adversely affect the PPV buys too much, but realistically, I can’t see the economy giving any business any breaks.

– Obvious to me that Kozlov had some big match jitters. However he seemed to discard them about midway thru the match to a noticeable degree.





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