WWE Survivor Series Results – November 23, 2008

WWE Survivor Series Opener:

The video opens with a vintage Survivor Series video followed by a John Cena vignette.

The pyros explode as we are live in the TD Banknorth Garden from Boston, MA. Jim Ross gives us the formal welcome on the brisk November night. Attendance is announced as 15,825 for this sold out show.

Jim Ross gives us an ‘update’ on Jeff Hardy, saying that it is unknown if he will be able to compete tonight. JR said that Hardy’s hospitalization was picked up by CNN, TMZ, and other media outlets. Talk about corny.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team HBK vs. Team JBL

Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali, & Cryme Tyme vs. JBL, Kane, MVP, & The Miz & John Morrison

They’re opening with a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. Team HBK is out first as Shawn Michaels comes out followed by Shad & JTG – Cryme Tyme. Everyone’s favorite wrestler, The Great Khali, is out next. Rey Mysterio comes out last for Team HBK.

JBL comes out for his team first in his limousine. MVP is out next followed by The Miz and John Morrison. Sounds like they’ll have commentary from all three commentary teams. Kane is out last for Team JBL.

Rey Mysterio vs. MVP will start things out as the opening bell rings. They lockup and MVP goes on the offensive first, sending Mysterio down to the mat. MVP backs Rey down in the corner but Rey counters. MVP counters before Mysterio hits a hurricanrana and a dropkick followed by a quick over. JTG is tagged in.

JTG and Mysterio hit a double team on MVP and JTG follows with a two count. MVP starts to counter, kicking JTG in the face and following with a pinfall elimination on JTG. JTG is eliminated. The Great Khali comes in and quickly eliminates MVP via pinfall. It’s Kane vs. Khali now.

The crowd is actually behind Khali, chanting his name. Kane counters and goes for the chokeslam. Khali breaks it up with an elbow to Kane’s face. Khali takes Kane down as Mysterio gets on Khali’s shoulders and jumps off, onto Kane. Mysterio eliminates Kane via pinfall. John Morrison comes in to take on Mysterio.

It’s Mysterio and Morrison going back and forth. Nice hurricanrana from Rey onto Morrison. Mysterio tags in Shad as he and Mysterio hit a double team. Press slam from Shad onto Morrison, he drops him right on his face. Morrison counters on Shad and tags in The Miz. They double team one half of Cryme Tyme. Miz tags in Morrison, they work over Shad in the corner.

Miz and Morrison end up eating a double clothesline from Shad. Shad follows with an in-ring attack on The Miz. Big scoop slam sends The Miz to the mat. Shad pumps up the crowd and drops his elbow on Miz. Morrison in for the save as he gets to the outside. This distracts Shad to the point where he takes the Reality Check from The Miz and the three count. Shad is eliminated.

Shawn Michaels comes in and goes at it with The Miz. Backhand chops from Shawn onto Miz. Miz counters, sending HBK to the mat. Morrison tags himself in as Miz catapults Michaels into him.

JBL is tagged in. He goes at Shawn Michaels with hard right hands in the corner. The referee backs him out. Neckbreaker from JBL onto Michaels followed by an elbow drop. Near fall from JBL on Michaels. Backhand chops from Shawn. JBL tags in The Miz. Miz takes out Michaels with right hands and stiff stomps.

The Miz gets a cover on Shawn for a two count. Morrison is tagged in, he continues where The Miz left off, getting another two count. Morrison applies a side headlock on Shawn on the mat. The referee checks for submission.

The crowd cheers Michaels to his feet, he backs Morrison down and delivers another chop. Morrison counters and tosses Shawn over the ropes. Shawn holds on and fends off Miz. He flips himself back in and ends up eating a cross body from Morrison. Morrison gives Michaels a scoop slam and goes to the top turnbuckle. Morrison goes for an HBK flying elbow but Shawn gets out of the way. Both men are down in the ring.

Morrison tags in The Miz as Mysterio gets in, hopping the ropes. Miz eats Rey’s fast paced offense. Missile dropkick from Rey off the top, this sets up 619 by Mysterio followed by a splash off the top rope. Mysterio eliminates The Miz via pinfall.

JBL gets in and takes out Rey with a shoulder block. JBL follows up with several elbow drops on Mysterio on the mat. Finally JBL covers him, he gets a two count. Loud ‘you can’t wrestle’ chants from the crowd directed towards JBL. JBL continues to assault Mysterio as he tags in Morrison. Morrison kicks away at Mysterio on the mat.

Morrison chokes out Rey in the ropes as the referee pulls him away at the count of five. Back breaker from Morrison on Mysterio. Morrison stretches Rey over his knee. Rey counters out and kicks Morrison hard in the face. Morrison counters Mysterio’s high flying offense for a back breaker followed by a tag to JBL. JBL goes back to the back of Mysterio. He locks in the bow and arrow.

Mysterio finally gets out of the hold as JBL kicks him in the midsection. JBL throws Rey face first into the turnbuckles. JBL sets Rey up on the top turnbuckle. JBL hits him in the back repeatedly. JBL gets on the middle rope with Rey, attempting a suplex. Mysterio backs him down with elbows and finally off the ropes. Mysterio goes off the top with a moonsault onto JBL. Both men are down.

Looks like Michaels took a stiff shot to his right eye. HBK gives Morrison a DX crotch chop after taking out JBL. Scoop slam from Michaels onto Bradshaw. Michaels takes Morrison off the apron and goes to the top rope. JBL gets out of the ring as HBK greets him with a dive over the top.

The captains go at it on the outside. JBL gets counted out as Michaels barely gets back in. JBL is eliminated via countout. Morrison goes for Sweet Chin Music on Michaels but Michaels hits it on him and pins Morrison for the three count.

Winners – Team HBK

After the match Mysterio, Michaels, and The Great Khali celebrate in the ring. Khali lifts Mysterio up on his shoulder.


Eve Torres is backstage with WWE Champion Triple H. Hunter says that Hardy will scratch and claw his way back to the top but they’ll go back to original plans of Kozlov vs. him. Hunter says that Vladimir is in uncharted water now. Triple H says this will be a night of firsts for Vladimir – first Survivor Series, first WWE Championship match, and it is also going to be the night of his first defeat.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Raw Divas vs. SmackDown Divas

Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, & Jillian vs. Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Maria, Maryse, Victoria, & Natalya

Divas Champion Michelle McCool followed by Maryse come out first. Natalya and Victoria come out together. Maria comes out in a SmackDown shirt that she rips off.

WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix, the team captain of the Raw Divas, comes out. Santino Marella is with her. Mickie James is out next as she rips off a Raw t-shirt. Jillian comes out next followed by Candice Michelle and Kelly Kelly.

It’s Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool starting things out. Beth overpowers Michelle at first as it’s Champion vs. Champion. McCool takes Beth down with her version of head scissors. Beth tries to counter but McCool uses her feet. Beth angrily backs McCool down as Maryse tags herself in. Maryse and McCool get into it as Maryse pushes McCool off the apron. Team SmackDown has to get in to break them up.

Maria tags herself in to face Beth. Beth goes at Maria in the corner but Maria tries to counter with right hands. Maria hits a hurricanrana on Beth but it doesn’t have much affect. Kelly Kelly tags herself in and gets a quick cover. Maria and Kelly Kelly go at it as the crowd is dead.

Victoria tags herself in but only long enough to eat a hurricanrana and get eliminated by Kelly Kelly. Kelly Kelly takes out Maryse. Maryse counters and eliminates Kelly Kelly. Mickie James comes in and goes at Maryse.

Michelle McCool is tagged in by Maryse. James takes her down in a bridge. McCool counters but Mickie counters as well. Back slide by McCool as Mickie gets out. Michelle McCool is able to get another near fall on Mickie James as she couters again. This prompts Maria for the save who gets into it with McCool. Michelle turns around and eats Mickie’s DDT followed by a three count to be eliminated.

Raw’s ahead 4 to 3 but not for long as Maryse quickly eliminates Mickie James. It’s Natalya and Candice Michelle going at it as Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter on her. Candice nearly makes it to the ropes but Natalya pulls her back. Jillian makes the save as Candice takes out Natalya quickly.

Jillian gets a near fall on Maria as they are now working in the ring. Maria hits Jillian with her finisher and eliminates her. Now it’s Candice and Maria as Candice eliminates her with a Northern Lights suplex.

Candice taps in the figure four by Maryse. We’re down to Beth and Maryse as Maryse hits a heel kick to the back of The Glamazon’s head. Beth kicks out of the two count and tries to counter. Maryse counters but not for long as Beth goes for a slam, out of nowhere Maryse gets a roll up for a two count. Beth hits the Glam Slam followed by the three count.

Winners – Raw Divas as Beth Phoenix is the sole survivor.


Backstage with Todd Grisham and Matt Hardy. Hardy said that the incident occurred at 3 AM. Matt said that Jeff was hit in the back of the head by a blunt object in a somber tone. Matt says he wish that he could tell us more but he just doesn’t know. This is beyond ridiculous as Grisham repeated that the story was covered by CNN, TMZ, and various other media outlets.

Casket Match
The Undertaker vs. Big Show

They’re doing the Casket Match now as JR proclaims that this is the 18th anniversary of the Casket Match which originated at Survivor Series. The druids come out with the casket. Big Show comes out first after the casket is brought to ringside. The gong hits in the arena and here comes The Undertaker and his spectacular ring entrance.

They both take an MMA/boxing fighting stance. Undertaker drops his fists to look at the casket. They lockup and Big Show attacks the body of Undertaker followed by a headbutt. Undertaker is able to counter and nearly puts Big Show in the casket. The fight goes to the outside.

Big Show regains the control of the match, bouncing The Undertaker off the crowd control barrier. Big Show follows with right hands on the body of Undertaker. Big Show slams his head off the SmackDown announce table. Undertaker falls on his back. Big Show takes the top off the ECW announce table. Undertaker gets up but is greeted by more blows from Show.

Big Show clears the monitors off the ECW announce table. He gives Undertaker a headbutt. Big Show kicks Undertaker in the ribs and throws both of the chairs from the announce table towards the ring. Undertaker hits Big Show with two monitor shots to the head.

The Undertaker lands a massive right hand as he gets on the Raw announce table. He goes off with a huge leg drop on Big Show through the ECW announce table. The crowd pops loud.

Undertaker gets to his feet, Big Show makes an attempt. Big Show back to the vertical base as Undertaker applies a side headlock. Undertaker assaults Big Show on the outside. Big Show rolls back in the ring as Undertaker follows. Undertaker applies a wrist lock on Big Show and follows with headbutts. Vintage Undertaker as he attempts old school. Big Show blocks with a monster suplex, sending Taker to the mat.

Big Show throws Undertaker in the turnbuckles and hits a side slam. Big Show instructs the casket to be opened. Big Show rolls him in the and tells the referees to close it. They tell him that he has to close it. Big Show finally tries to close it but Undertaker blocks.

Undertaker pops out of the casket and takes out Big Show going off the ropes. Big clothesline in the corner from Taker to Show. He attempts a second one but is caught by a back elbow. Big Show gets on the middle rope but Undertaker chokeslams him off. Both men are down in the ring.

Undertaker kicks Big Show in the head and puts him in the casket. Undertaker tries to close it but Show blocks it. Big Show gets out and continues a counter. He chokeslams Undertaker in the middle of the ring. Big Show gets out and opens the casket, toppling it over with his force. He sets the casket upside down as the referee asks him what he is doing.

Big Show smirks down the ramp and Undertaker gets up and looks furious. Big Show backs down the ramp and Undertaker follows. The top of the ramp is blocked with pyro flames as Undertaker takes out Big Show. Big Show counters and tries to leave. Druids come back out with another casket. Undertaker and Show exchange blows at the top of the ramp.

Big Show takes out Undertaker and picks up the second casket. He stands it up and bangs Undertaker’s skull off of it. Big Show stands up the casket once again. He opens it and goes for more body shots on Undertaker. Taker lands right hands on Big Show. Undertaker counters and throws Big Show in the casket, it falls and the lid shuts.

Winner – The Undertaker


We’re backstage with Carlito and Primo Colon flirting with Nikki and Brie Bella. He gets them confused as they run into someone dressed as Gobbly Gooker from WrestleMania 17. They call him Charlie thinking it’s Haas but Charlie Haas shows up dressed as himself. Carlito wonders who it is – it’s The Boogeyman. He takes his mask off, spits worms out and proclaims that he’s the Boogeyman and he’s coming to get you!


Randy Orton says that he doesn’t want to be their captain but they are not going to lose. He says they have their strengths, looking at Henry, and their weaknesses, looking at Rhodes. Rhodes says if Randy is eliminated first – let’s just call it addition versus subtraction. Orton and Rhodes get into it and have to be restrained.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Batista vs. Team Orton
Batista, Champion Matt Hardy, CM Punk & Kofi Kingston, & R-Truth vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, William Regal, Shelton Benjamin, & Mark Henry

Batista comes out first for his team. R-Truth comes out, he’s got a mic as Lilian Garcia introduces him. R-Truth raps down to the ring. One half of the World Tag Team Champions CM Punk is the next competitor to ringside. The other World Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston comes to the ring for Team Batista. ECW Champion Matt Hardy is the final competitor to come out to ringside.

Randy Orton comes out first for Team Orton. Cody Rhodes comes out next accompanied by Manu. Orton stares him down as he comes to ringside. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin comes out the ring with his title around his waist. Intercontinental Champion William Regal is out next with Layla. Mark Henry is the final Team Orton competitor to ringside. Tony Atlas is with him.

The teams discuss who is going to start things out. It’s Punk vs. Regal. Punk hits GTS immediately on Regal and gets the pinfall to eliminate him! William Regal is eliminated.

Shelton Benjamin comes in and nearly eliminates Punk. Layla threw a shoe at Punk in the ring. Kingston is tagged in as he works with Benjamin. Headlock applied by Kofi as the crowd is behind him. Shelton tries to reverse the hold and ends up backing Shelton down in the corner. Right hands from Shelton onto Kingston.

Dropkick from Kofi onto Shelton for a two count. Shelton counters and tags in Mark Henry. Henry dominates Kofi with his strength. Matt Striker says that Kofi Kingston looks like Mark Henry who has been in the dryer. Cody Rhodes tags in to work with Kingston. Quick arm drag take down from Kingston. Matt Hardy is tagged in as he takes out Rhodes and hits offense for a quick cover.

R-Truth tags in as him and Hardy double team Cody Rhodes. Wrist lock by Kingston on Rhodes as Batista is tagged in. Rhodes goes to the outside. Batista waits on him to get back in. Rhodes tags in Shelton Benjamin. Shelton connects with knees on Batista. Batista whips him off the ropes and hits an elbow then kicks him in the face. Suplex from Batista onto Shelton for a two count.

Batista works with Shelton in the corner as he tags in Matt Hardy. Hardy throws Shelton into the corner as Shelton counters and tags in Randy Orton. The crowd pops for Orton vs. Hardy as Hardy hits a bulldog on him. Two count for Hardy followed by a scoop slam. Matt goes to the top rope and misses Orton with a moonsault. Henry tags in and takes out Hardy with power.

Mark Henry covers Hardy but he’s under the ropes. Henry throws Hardy into the corner as he tags in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes kicks Hardy in the corner, the referee warns him. Right hands from Cody Rhodes on the ECW Champion. Hardy counters and hits a clothesline on Rhodes. Rhodes crawls to tag in Shelton. Hardy tags in R-Truth.

R-Truth nearly eliminates Shelton with a quick roll-up. Truth hits a kick and gets another two count. R-Truth hits more of his unorthodox offense but misses with an axe kick. Shelton hits Pay Dirt and gets the three count. R-Truth is eliminated. Kofi goes off the top rope onto Shelton for the two count. Kofi hits a dropkick on Shelton. Kofi hits more offense.

Kofi gets a two count on the US Champion. Shelton tags in Mark Henry. Henry connects with a stiff right hand. Henry stands on the sternum of Kofi Kingston. Orton tags in to work with Kofi. Mixture of cheers and boos for Orton. Orton stands above Kingston as he stomps him hard in the ring.

Orton misses on a knee drop to Kofi’s head as Kofi is able to fight back to the vertical base. Orton quickly counters and lays Kofi out on the ropes with a suplex. Kofi counters on the apron but Randy counters and goes for a DDT, he connects. Three count from Orton after the DDT. Kofi Kingston is eliminated.

It’s Punk vs. Orton as Punk comes in and starts to hit his offense. Cover from Punk for the two count. Orton is whipped off the rope but counters and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes comes in and hits a dropkick on Punk followed by a drop toe hold. Submission hold from Rhodes.

Punk fights his way back to his feet and tries to back Rhodes down with elbows. Punk hits a cross-body off the ropes onto Rhodes and ends up getting another two count. Punk utilizes knees and kicks and follows with a bulldog. Two count for Punk.

Kingston goes to the top rope but Manu is on the apron. The distraction allows Rhodes to get the advantage and hit a DDT on Punk followed by the pinfall. CM Punk is eliminated. It’s down to Hardy and Batista as Hardy nearly eliminates Rhodes. Rhodes tags in Mark Henry. Henry goes to work on the ECW Champion.

Hardy uses his quickness, balance, and technique to build a counter and hit Side Effect. Henry counters out of nowhere with the World’s Strongest Slam followed by the three count. Matt Hardy is eliminated. Batista hits a spear and eliminates Mark Henry. Big time spinebuster by Batista onto Shelton followed by the Batista Bomb. Batista eliminates Shelton Benjamin. Rhodes gets in and goes off the top ropes into a Batista clothesline. Scoop slam but Batista.

Manu gets on the apron, Batista throws him off. Batista Bomb on Cody but Randy tagged himself in when Batista had him up. Batista argues with the referee and turns around to eat a nasty RKO. Orton pins Batista for the three count.

Winners – Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes


SmackDown vs. Raw 09 commercial as Eve Torres is backstage with Vladimir Kozlov. She asks him if Hardy doesn’t compete if it changes his strategy. He says it makes no difference and that tonight he will become the champion.

– Jim Ross gives us an update on Jeff Hardy, botching it by saying that Hardy was found unconscious in his hospital last night. Ross explains that they are about to show a video package for the match that focuses on Hardy but that the match tonight would be a one-on-one match with Hunter defending against Kozlov.

WWE Championship
Triple H (c) vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Before the match, Justin Roberts does the formal in-ring introductions.

Referee Scott Armstrong holds up the belt and then calls for the opening bell. Hunter and Kozlov circle one another, looking for an opportunity to strike. USA chants from the crowd as Kozlov hits a waist lock takedown on Hunter.

Kozlov takes Hunter down with a wristlock as the crowd chants ‘we want Hardy’. Hunter applies a wristlock of his own in a counter. Hunter works with Kozlov on the mat.

Triple H works the wrist of Kozlov, applying another wristlock submission hold. Kozlov backs Hunter down in the corner. Forearm shots from Kozlov on The Game. Triple H takes Kozlov down with a Harley Race like knee. Hunter connects with two clotheslines in the corner on the Challenger. Facebuster by Triple H on Kozlov. He drops him with a DDT.

Stiff right hands from Triple H on Kozlov. Finally the knockout blow followed by a cover for a two count. The crowd has turned on this match. Kozlov counters but not for long as Hunter hits a spinebuster.

Kozlov powers out of the Pedigree attempt by Hunter. He hits his battering ram, sending Hunter to the mat. Hunter and Kozlov go at it in the middle of the ring. Kozlov flips Hunter to the outside over the ropes.

Kozlov and Hunter work together on the outside as Vladimir tries to gain an advantage on the WWE Champion. Kozlov rolls Hunter back in the ring. Triple H goes off the ropes as Kozlov hits a fall away slam. Two count on the WWE Champion.

Kozlov buries his head in the midsection of Hunter in the corner. Battering ram shots from Kozlov block Hunter’s counter attempt. Big running powerslam from Kozlov onto Triple H. Two count.

Kozlov is now the aggressor, controlling the WWE Champion on the mat. Hunter tries to struggle back to his feet. Triple H gets back to the vertical base but Kozlov goes for another slam. Backbreaker followed by a two count by the Challenger.

Kozlov hits another slam on Triple H followed by another near fall. Kozlov uses a Greco-Romo submission hold, the crowd starts to chant boring. Triple H gets back to his feet and battles out of Kozlov’s hold. Kozlov ends up catching Hunter in mid-air for a slam and another two count.

Kozlov works on Triple H on the mat. All of the submissions are only causing the crowd to get more and more restless. Triple H battles out of Kozlov’s hold in the middle of the ring. Kozlov clubs Triple H in the thigh and hits a high belly-to-belly on the Champion.

Out of nowhere Triple H hits a Pedigree on Kozlov in a counter. Both men are down in the ring as the referee starts the ten count. Vickie Guerrero says that this will be a triple-threat match and says he’s here… he’s here… he is… Edge!!! Here comes the Rated R Superstar to the ring.

Edge gets in the ring with his new beard and spears the WWE Champion. The crowd is popping for the return but they come unglued when Jeff Hardy comes out.

Jeff Hardy ran out with a small bandage on the back of his head/neck and broke up the pin attempt. Hardy swung a chair at Edge, who moved, causing Hardy to hit Hunter. Hardy struck Kozlov with a chair. Hardy wound up to hit Edge with a chair, but Edge speared him first. Edge covered Hunter and scored the pin to win the title.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion – Edge

A Chris Jericho video aired… Another John Cena video aired…

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho (c) vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho came to the ring with the title around his waist. John Cena comes out in the new Cena gear as the crowd explodes for him. Cena gets in the ring and pumps up the crowd. Mike Chioda holds up the World Heavyweight Championship belt, signifying that it is on the line. Cena takes off his shirt and dog collar and is ready to go.

Chioda calls for the bell and the main event of Survivor Series 2008 is underway. Cena circles Jericho as Jericho seems to just watch him. Cena goes right for the FU on Jericho. Jericho gets out and goes to the apron.

Cena and Jericho lockup in the ring, side headlock from Jericho onto Cena. Jericho takes Cena down to the mat with the side headlock. John Cena is able to get back to a vertical base but he takes a shoulder block from Jericho off the ropes. Cena goes to the outside and grabs his neck.

Cena seems hesitant to get back in as Chioda gets to 6 in his count. Cena takes Jericho down and goes back on offense. Cena connects with a big suplex on Jericho and gets a cover for one. Drop toehold from Cena on the Champion.

Jericho connects with right hands to the face of John Cena. Jericho kicks Cena in the neck. Stiff right hands follow by Jericho. Cena ends up clotheslining Jericho in a counter. Scoop slam from Cena onto Jericho followed by an elbow drop and a two count.

Jericho counters after Cena hits the back of his head on the turnbuckle. Jericho whips Cena off the ropes but Cena counters by hitting the throwback. Cena goes to the top rope but he reconsiders. Cena gets back in the ring and is taken out by Jericho. DDT from the Champion followed by a cover.

Jericho sets Cena up with his head hanging out below the ropes. Jericho goes to the outside and kicks the Challenger in the head. Chioda checks on Cena who is down on the outside and instructs Jericho back to the ring.

Jericho gets in the ring and taunts the fans as Chioda starts the double count out. Cena gets back in but is taken out by Jericho in a counter. Jericho goes back to the outside to continue his assault on Cena. Jericho tries to rip away at the crowd control barrier as he throws Cena into the steel ring steps on the outside.

Cena and Jericho work in the ring as Jericho puts him back in. Cover for a two count by Jericho followed by a submission hold focused on the surgically repaired neck of Cena.

Jericho wrenches back on the hold, but Cena starts to get back to his feet. Cena breaks the grip of Jericho with his strength and gets out of the hold with a big right hand. Jericho stops Cena’s counter and gets a two count.

Jericho works with Cena in the ropes, standing on the back on his neck. Jericho locks in a full nelson.

Jericho wrenches back on the full nelson, causing Cena to fall to his knees in the hold. Chioda continues to check for submission but Cena is able to get back to a vertical base. Cena backs Jericho into the corner as Jericho locks back in the hold.

Cena is able to get back to his feet and break the hold. Cena connects with right hands but Jericho goes for a bulldog. Cena pushes him away and starts to hit offense. Jericho counters a suplex from Cena and hits the bulldog.

Jericho misses on the Lion Sault as Cena hits a sideslam. The crowd is coming alive as Cena prepares for the five knuckle shuffle. He takes too much time as Jericho locks in a modified version of the Walls of Jericho.

Cena uses his strength to get out but eats a thunderous clothesline from the Champion. Jericho drops Cena and locks in the Walls of Jericho again.

Referee Mike Chioda checks Cena for submission as he is caught in the Walls of Jericho. Cena makes several attempts to get to the ropes and he finally makes it causing Chioda to have Jericho break the hold. Out of nowhere Cena hits the FU on the Champion. Both men are down.

Cena is finally able to cover Jericho for a two count.

Cena runs into an elbow from Jericho in the corner of the ring. Jericho is on the middle ropes and brings Cena with him. Stiff blows are exchanged on the ropes and they struggle for control. Cena throws Jericho off then goes to the top rope. Cena puts his hand in his face and goes off with a flying leg drop. FU attempt, Jericho counters with a rake the eyes. Code breaker from Jericho and Cena is laid out. Jericho takes a moment for the cover and gets a two count! (you know, superman is back…)

Jericho is busted open above the eye, looks to be hardway. Jericho takes the Challenger down with a big clothesline. Jericho taunts Cena and tells him to get up. Cena gets to his feet and takes another clothesline from the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Jericho stalks Cena, waiting for him to get up. Drop toe hold by Cena, he locks in the STFU. Jericho scrambles to the ropes but he’s not there yet.

Before Jericho could get to the ropes Cena broke the hold, Jericho raked Cena’s eyes. Jericho nearly wins with a roll-up. Out of nowhere Cena counters with an FU and makes the pinfall to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner & new World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena

Afterwards, Cena greets his family in the crowd and gets back in the ring to celebrate with his hometown crowd as the show goes off the air.




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  • Carolyn

    I am so tired of Edge just coming in at the end of a match and walking away with the title. What crap. He is gone for a few months and then comes back and gets a belt. It would be nice if he actually earned it. I am convinced that he can not wrestle an entire match and win a belt he can ONLY get a belt this way. I am very disappointed what is Vince thinking. A good way to ruin the Pay per view.

  • GTA

    I gotta agree with you…But Smackdown needed a New WWE Champion. To tell you the truth, I was getting a bit tired of Triple H…But i too am convinced of him not wrestling an entire match and always getting the belt the easy way

  • Frank Watson, Jr

    I Also Agree, How Many World Titles Will Edge Win This Way? 2 Money In The Bank Steals, And Now This. What Next? Not That Edge Is Not A Believable Champion, I Just Like You Would Like To See Him Wrestle A Full Match To Win It. Let’s See What He Does With It This Time Now That He Has It.

  • Lol

    why is everbody bitching about how Edge won?, Cena won the world title!, thats even worse!!

  • blaiser

    Its crap that u gave edge a title its getting kind of stale that he only wins the title withoout even fighting..Bunch of crap

  • josh

    edge won the belt that way because that’s who he is. he is one of the best out there and its matches like these that put him in the spotlight. he’s the record holder in tag championships, multiple time intercontinental champion, former king of the ring, and 2 time money in the bank winner. he’s the best heel out and the most watched champ in a decade. now I have a reason to watch smackdown again.

  • Eric cartman

    This is bullcrap cena winning the strap, not only is he a worse wrestler than candice michelle you just know hes going to tarnish the image of the old NWA represented by the big gold belt by having one of those rubbish custom belts, i can see it now maybe with multiple spinners?, jericho must have felt sick having to lie down for cena.

  • Carolyn

    At least Cena fought for the belt the entire match and didn’t come in at the last second and get it. That is what is crap. I am sorry Edge is not the greatest wrestler.

  • Crazychad

    Two titles by people who haven’t been on air in how long???? Bitch about Cena, but c’mon.. we all saw it coming. Edge as champion was a cop-out twist that sucked. I would have loved Edge to come back as a face against Guerrero.. but now we have to deal with this storyline again.

  • Eric cartman

    Cena licks big daddy V’s armpits and crack

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