Update on HHH vs. Kozlov, WWE’s HOF Building, Divas, More

– Coming out of tonight’s Survivor Series pay-per-view, Triple H is expected to be involved in a full-fledged feud with Vladimir Kozlov. That was at least scheduled to be his next program.

– Jim Ross offered his comments regarding an actual WWE Hall of Fame building in the latest blog post in Jeff Wilen’s JAWBreaker. Ross said, “I’ve heard nothing. I’m assuming that the WWE has bigger fish to fry these days than investing in a new entity such as a HOF. I do think it will happen but when is another question.”

– The Washington Post has an article on entertainers visiting Afghanistan, with the WWE Divas being mentioned. The article says both WWE Divas and NFL cheerleaders have been told to be full clothed when not performing (they’re allowed to wear their usual scantily clad outfits when performing), with shoulders covered, hips, buttocks and legs covered from the top of the knee. Also, any photos for them to sign have to be pre-approved so they don’t offend the nation the troops are stationed in.

– A cartoon drawing of Undertaker is featured on the cover of the latest issue of WWE Kids Magazine. The magazine has a feature on CM Punk and Hornswoggle debating who smells worse. Tommy Dreamer also gives his thoughts on which WWE Superstars reek the most judging by his own experiences.