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The Jey Files – The Ultimate PPV

Posted by JT Roman in The Jey Files
Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

           What’s up guys, it’s another one of The Jey Files! I talked shortly last about “The Ultimate PPV”. People are always posting things about which is better, TNA or WWE, which wrestlers from each company would win and so on. So, I decided to make an actual forum about it to see what the majority thought. It was a game of some sort, and I asked the forum to pick 6 matches they thought would make for their “Ultimate PPV”. The rules were they could only use one wrestler once, one match type once, one belt once, and they could use any wrestler from any time period. With only 6 matches to work with, some people came up with some pretty interesting stuff. I even had some people go as far to say that they thought Regal should be in the World Title picture, and some people actually BACKED him. But it was their choice, so whatever. Anyway, I figured since it was a pretty good topic in the forum, why not post it on my column? This is the deal peeps. I’m going to list below the matches I felt made the cut and I want YOU to vote on them! You can send me your votes through my e-mail or Myspace, so let me know what you think. (Note: For those reading on the forum I started this on, some matches I had to tweak since the rules say only one wrestler per match and I had to move some guys around in order to do that.)


Fatal Four Way Match for the World Tag Team Titles- The Hardyz vs. LAX vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Dudleyz.


Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Vs. Vs . Vs. The Miz vs. CM Punk vs.

– Barbed Wire Ropes Match for ECW World Heavyweight Championship
vs. vs. RVD vs. vs. Tazz vs. Shane Douglas

Triple Threat Match For The WWE Championship:
vs. vs. Undertaker

Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs. vs. vs. Mike Awesome vs. vs.


Team WCW – , Sting,
Team WWW – Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold,
Team ECW – , Sandman & New Jack


Again, send me your analyses at either or Holla at me!



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