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I am in such a rut when it comes to my predictions. I haven’t really done well in months, and tonight I’m not so sure that I can break out of this tailspin. But what the hell, you know I always have fun giving you my predictions no matter how poorly I do. I can’t thank all of you enough for sending me yours and please don’t stop. I will do my best to get to them before the show starts. I am looking forward to tonight’s Survivor Series, I really feel this is a strong card and even though I’m in a slump with my picks, WWE has been on a high with giving us consistent strong pay per views. Hopefully this one will rate right up there. Okay let me get started, and I hope I can hold my head up high for a change when the show is over.

Undertaker vs. Big Show (Casket Match)
Listen week after week this so-called feud has bored me, but they both blew me away with their last match at Cyber Sunday. I never expected to get such an awesome match from these two. So while I could care less about this gimmick I am looking forward to watching this one. I believe after tonight thankfully Big Show and Taker will move on to other feuds. I’m going with the Undertaker for the win.
Winner: Undertaker

Jeff Hardy vs. WWE Champion Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov (Triple Threat Match)
My WWE certainly turned this match into something really big by posting on their site that Jeff Hardy was found unconscious. Okay everything out there says this is simply a work and I don’t know if I should go any further. I don’t want to spoil things by telling you what the rumor is, but let’s just say they certainly made all of this interesting. I will say this, Jeff is supposed to wrestle tonight and sell the injury so it will still be a triple threat match and this is another match that I can’t wait to see. Before Hardy was found “unconscious” I was going with either Jeff or Triple H for the win, but now I will go with Hunter. Of course some see Kozlov becoming the new WWE champ with Hunter chasing him for the title. Well whatever happens this should be a very solid match.
Winner: Triple H

Team Batista with Matt Hardy, C M Punk, Kofi Kingston and R. Truth vs. Team Orton with Mark Henry, William Regal, Cody Rhodes and Shelton Benjamin – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
I have to give the victory to the Orton team. Randy is on a tear right now and I don’t see Batista’s team pulling this one out, even though Batista has very capable guys on his side. Without sounding repetitive this is another match that definitely has my interest. You just know this is going to have a lot going for it. I really like the mixture of talent on both sides. It’s been a couple of months that the former World champion CM Punk was on a pay per view, I’m glad WWE decided to slip him in this one.
Winners: Team Orton

Team HBK with Rey Mysterio, Khali, and Cryme Tyme vs. Team JBL with Miz, Morrison, Kane and MVP – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match
I can’t see Team HBK losing, not after Michaels was pinned by the Miz last Monday night. This should be a fun match; it has to be look who the team captains are. Hey so far each match definitely has my attention
Winners: Team HBK

Team Raw with Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Candice and Jillian vs. Team Smackdown with Michelle McCool, Natalya, Maryse, Victoria, and Maria – Divas Survivor Series Elimination Match
Okay so maybe this is the first match that really doesn’t cut it for me. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure this will be a decent match, but lately the divas in the ring haven’t really done much for me. I’m going with Team Smackdown for the win, because some of the Smackdown divas on Monday got their butts handed to them thanks to the Raw chicks.
Winners: Team Smackdown

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. John Cena
There is no doubt in my mind that John Cena will win and that we won’t hear one boo in the crowd since he’s coming back to his hometown, Boston. I don’t want to rant and rant but I want to thank Vince for absolutely putting a very bad taste in my mouth when it comes to Cena’s return. These new videos that we got week after week after week just annoyed the hell out of me. I mean hearing the B-list celebs’ raving about Cena was ridiculous. I didn’t need to see Cena’s father and family and old photos of him. And then WWE wonders why fans like me are anti-Cena. How can fans that don’t care for him feel differently when it’s one BS video after another? Hey don’t tell me there weren’t guys in the past that would give all their time for the company, because I know there were. It’s just been too much and because of the way I feel this is a match that I have no desire to watch. At least Chris Jericho will be the opponent so that’s a good thing .I can’t believe that with all the build up week after week Cena could possibly lose. No Cena will become the new World Champion tonight
Winner: John Cena

For all you John Cena fans, I know I probably pissed you off, and believe me that’s the last thing that I wanted to do. Remember Cena the man I respect and like, but Cena the guy that we see on TV is the guy that I can’t take. I keep praying that they turn him heel, but let’s face it that’s not going to happen for a very long time. I will be back with my thoughts on tonight’s show and Raw either Tuesday or Wednesday. I apologize for not getting a Raw column out this past week, but one of my dog’s had part of her tail amputated, she had a small part amputated 6 weeks ago, but more had to come off. And a lot was going on with her and the house, so it was kind of hard to sit here and get something out. But I will do my best to talk about Raw and the Survivor Series this week.

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    Linda, you took the words right out of my mouth about Cena. But according to rumors he’s going to look good but end up losing.

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