Eric Bischoff Comments on WWE’s Cease and Desist Order To CCW

The following is from Eric Bischoff’s blog:

Prior to receiving the letter, I got a call from Brian Knobs who informed me that Vince’s surrogate Johnny Ace called Brian, who hasn’t worked for WWE in a decade, and threatened him not to go near any WWE talent or events as no one who is associated with CCW will ever work for WWE again. Then I found out that Jimmy Hart, one of the hardest working and loyal people I have ever met, was told he was no longer going to be used for WWE promotions because of his association with CCW, even though he asked for and received permission to do our show! As we subsequently learned, Vince went ballistic after viewing an episode of CCW and ordered Johnny to make the calls.

According to Brian, Johnny told him that Vince was furious that CCW “exposed” the business. If that statement weren’t so transparent it would almost be funny. Even the most die-hard WWE loyalist knows that Vince has exposed the business more than anyone in history whenever it suits his financial self-interest (see avoiding regulation and taxation by athletic commissions) or lame creative decisions (Hornswaggle).