Randy Orton Speaks on His Motorcycle Accident and More

– Tim Baines of The Ottawa Sun has a new interview with WWE Superstar Randy Orton for the weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

Orton on what calmed him down: “I wasn’t thinking before I was saying things, I was taking the heel persona a little too seriously. Vince said he couldn’t have somebody who was a loose cannon. He said if any person was going to stop Randy Orton from succeeding, it was Randy Orton.”

Orton on where he is now in his career: “There are few wrestlers at the level I’m at. My goal is to be the No. 1 guy here. I’m a future Hall of Famer. I’m already a three-time champ. Age is on my side. Nothing is going to stop me.”

Orton on his motorcycle accident: “I was going up a hill at night. A car swerved into my lane and I had two options — to slide into the wall or try to make a turn. If I’d slid into the wall at 30 miles an hour, I would have been pretty messed up. I (hit a curb) and landed a couple of hundred feet away. I was wearing a helmet or I would have been dead. I really got lucky.”

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