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The Dog Pound – I’m A Survivor

Posted by George Antonio in The Dog Pound
Friday, November 21st, 2008

I’d first like to say I’m sorry for the lack of writing in the past 11 days. For one, I was in a car accident this past Friday and really my mind has been focused soley on that. For another thing, aside from this new, crazy side to , there hasn’t been anything really grabbing me enough to write about. So it is, this Sunday the WWE presents us the 2008 . Now, i for one feel that this event hasn’t had the proper build-up that one of their “big four” ppv’s should have, but then again we do get the return of ! More on that later.

First, let’s talk about the five-on-five traditional tag match featuring the Raw divas facing the Smackdown divas. You know what, I like it. The only thing I would add maybe to spice things up between the teams is, maybe the woman that gets the final pin for her team, becomes the number one contender for her brands title. Due to the fact that heels and faces are joining together for their “brand” this would be something new and interesting to see transpire. I’d say I’d love either Natalya or Victoria picking up the win and then getting that Diva’s Title off of . Prediction: Team Smackdown.

We have Team facing Team HBK. This is one match that really doesn’t have my interest. Now, I am a big fan of no doubt, but this thing he has going with has left me dry. Do we even know what the point is for their fued? To me it just seems like a crappy segue-way from his fued with Jericho. I do think that Cryme Tyme will shine on ppv, and this new “face” Khali ought to be very good as well. Miz and Morrison will shine, and should hold his own. that being said, will be the first eliminated to keep his streak of losing in tact. Prediction: Team HBK.

Team Orton vs. Team leaves me feeling a bit dull too. I think the build-up between the two could have been done a lot better and hopefully their fued doesn’t end here. I do like the team Orton has behind him, my only fear is that our former champion will be eliminated to soon and made to look weak again. Prediction: Team Orton. I see Orton being the sole survivor again; the WWE could play with this as his career continues!

The casket match between and ; to be honest I could care less about. I find this fued very bland and ’s character went from being interesting when he was a tweener (being an ‘oversight’) to just boring yet again. I hope their finished after this and Undertaker can begin his build-up for his opponent. Prediction: Undertaker.

The WWE Championship, pitting against the Moscow Mauler Vladimir Koslov. What I do like about this is the X factor in Jeff Hardy, no one really knows what he’s going to do next or how he’ll get involved. I said awhile ago that Jeff Hardy was my pick to win the and I’m sticking with it. I’d say its also a bit to early for Koslov to win, but hey stranger things have happened. Prediction: Triple H.

Now, the big story. John Cena, the hometown boy is returning for his redemption a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. That said, I’ll go on record and say this, it’s time for Cena to return. That’s right, Cena needs to come back, and Raw could use him. Now what I don’t want to happen is him winning the title right away. I enjoy Jericho as the champ and thats the way it should stay for quite awhile. I’m going out on a limb and saying that Jericho will retain via DQ. I say this because I see a triple threat match at Wrestlemania, Jericho vs. Cena vs. Batista.

So, there you have it. As I said, I feel kind of let down with the build-up for this show, especially after being treated with so many good matches between Jericho and Michaels.

Until next time…


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