WWE Stars and the Universe Dissed, Savage Update, More

– Sho Funaki has been pushing the idea of the Kung Fu Naki character for a few years. He has been showing up at TV tapings with the same sheet of paper that contained his ideas for the character for quite some time. While the creative team may have altered the character, the original idea belongs to Funaki. Vince McMahon used to roll his eyes whenever the character was presented to him, but obviously something changed. Vince has a notoriously bad memory and one source says it’s possible that Vince doesn’t even remember the character being pitched to him before.

– Reader “Degenerate” sent in word that technology blog TechCrunch.com features an article about the new WWE Universe social network. The writers don’t give WWE or the new social network much respect, mocking them throughout the piece. They write, “Just because Mark Henry is the ‘world’s strongest man’ doesn’t mean he doesn’t cry at night when all he has to keep him company is his pit bull, Theodore, and a can of beans. Or Zack Ryder. The poor guy might be a tag team champion, but when he goes home all he has to look forward to are watering his plants and watching reruns of Smackdown with his cat, Fluffy. Be friends with them. Don’t block them out of your life. They need you.”

– Last night’s episode of TMZ had a brief segment on Randy Savage’s appearance at the movie premiere of Bolt this past week. One person held up a photo of Savage at the event and asked people to guess who it is. They couldn’t, and the person then held up a mid-Nineties photo of Savage to their shock.