Update on Flair’s Son, WWE’s Bella Twins, WWE Stock, More

– The Bella Twins are getting some more pub as they’re profiled on The Sun website today. In the article, the duo is dubbed as an “internet sensation,” apparently in light of their No. 1 search ranking on Yahoo.com today.

– Reid Flair has been sent to former NWA World champion Harley Race’s WLW Wrestling Academy in Eldon, Missouri and will be training there through the end of the month. Reid Flair’s debut match was officially postponed due to “health reasons”, but it was also reported that Ric Flair felt his son needed more training and delayed the debut, which will now take place in December.

– Yesterday, WWE stock hit a three-year low, closing at $10.33 per share after opening the day at $11.71. It opened today at $10.16 and is currently at $9.96 per share. At one point today, it was at $9.69, setting a new 52-week low. As recently as this year, WWE stock sold for $19.86 per share.

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