Linda McMahon News, Wrestler Doing a Surfer Gimmick, More

– CableFAX named Chief Executive Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment Linda McMahon in their “Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Cable.” McMahon was ranked No. 43.

– WWE developmental wrestler Gabe Tuft is doing a surfer gimmick in Florida Championship Wrestling. He’s going under the name “Tyler Reiks” in the promotion, which is second name change in recent weeks. He went under the name “Taj Milano” for a few weeks following the company’s directive to change a number of FCW wrestlers’ ring names. Reiks has an elbow drop called “High tide” and his finishing move is a moonsault is called “The Big Kahuna.” Reiks has the kind of size, look and body company officials like, so that helps his cause in being called to the main roster. Tuft was signed to a developmental contract last year out of the UPW wrestling promotion, which has produced the likes of John Cena, Chris Masters, Victoria and Heidenreich.

– WWE developmental wrestler Lupe Viscara is now going under the name Lupe Santiago. He initially debuted under his real name, then Lupe Martinez. FCW is billing him from Mexico City and he comes out with a Mexican flag. Viscara is 21 years old and was the last wrestler to be signed to a WWE developmental contract (alongside Andrew Vein, who has been inactive for quite some time) out of the Ohio Valley Wrestling school.

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