JR Blog: More WWE Releases, SmackDown Tapings and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog at jrsbarbq.com. The highlights:

– A fan wrote me and asked if I thought that there would be more talent cuts within the WWE soon and my honest and direct answer is that I don’t know. However, if forced to make a prediction I would think yes and that unfortunately, but honestly, it isn’t a bad thing to change the bottom and then the middle of the lineup at least annually. Roster “upgrades” was always my goal when I worked in talent relations as it is today. However, the more cooks in the kitchen regarding who goes and who stays makes it more difficult in my opinion.

– Rowdy Roddy Piper was featured on my wife’s favorite show TMZ this week apparently smoking some pot. Roddy’s reason was essentially medical in nature as in treating his cancer but nonetheless it reminded me of the territory days in the 70’s when many wrestlers would smoke pot recreationally on virtually a daily basis which seemed to act as a sedative for some of the higher strung alpha males. As the legend has it, “Hippie” Mike Boyette, who allegedly liked to smoke a joint occasionally, even had marijuana scented air freshener in his vehicle just in case he was pulled over by the police and if they smelled pot Mike would laugh and demonstrate the pot scented, air freshener. I can remember WAY back in the day when JYD’s adoring fans in southern Louisiana would bring Dog grocery sacks full of pot as a show of their admiration. Ernie Ladd used to talk to JYD all the time about what the Big Cat referred to as “demon week.”

– It is my understanding that we are taping two episodes of Friday Night Smackdown in Albany, New York on Tuesday night which might become something that occurs on a more regular basis as a means of being a cost cutting measure. That sure works for me as it means one less week on the road. It is not easy voicing over a pair of shows that total 22 segments of TV but I will trade the extra work for a week at home any time. FYI, I worked until almost 3 a.m. Wednesday night/Thursday morning putting the finishing touches on the commentary for Friday Night Smackdown that airs this Friday night on MyNetworkTV.





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  • i admire jim ross- i only wish he had more input behind the scenes.

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