WWE RAW Results – November 17, 2008

– Tonight’s live WWE RAW hits the air from Atlanta, Georgia in the Philips Arena as all the RAW Divas and Superstars are in the ring with three podiums set up. Michael Cole introduces Stephanie McMahon. She appears on the entrance way at a podium. Steph says her office has had many questions from fans and wrestlers since Mike Adamle left. She asks who’s first and Randy Orton grabs the mic. Orton asks why this Sunday’s World Title match goes to John Cena. Orton says he’s more talented and deserving. Stephanie says that decision was made by Shane without her input and says Cena was a top contender before being injured and is a former Champion.

Orton says that’s fine but whoever wins, he’s next. Cody Rhodes takes the mic next. He asks why Orton hasn’t been punished after kicking Ted DiBiase in the head but he was instead named Captain of a Survivor Series team. Cody asks why Orton was not suspended. Stephanie says everyone is responsible for their own actions. Steph talks about Orton kicking CM Punk in the head and how they will wrestle tonight on RAW. Steph says it will be a 30 man Lumberjack Match. Orton says are you kidding me and says that will ensure nothing but total chaos.

Santino and Beth Phoenix take the mic next and Santino says the rapper Acorn (Akon) is in the house tonight and we see him in the crowd. Santino asks his question int he form of a rap song. He gets a beat and puts on a hat. Santino raps about wanting his IC Title back and says take that, William Regal. He says he’s not even in a restaurant, but he just got served. Stephanie says Santino had two rematches overseas last week and lost them both. Santino says this isn’t over and calls out Acorn again. JBL takes the mic next.

JBL asks where Vince McMahon is and says he has a problem with someone that Vince has had in the past, Shawn Michaels. Steph says Vince is out of the picture and she and Shane are running the show. HBK gets a mic and asks what happens if he wants to get revenge on JBL right now, tonight and not wait until Sunday. Steph says he will have to be patient. HBK says you have his most heart felt apology as he is about to do this.. and leaps onto JBL. The ring clears and HBK stand in the ring with JBL’s cowboy hat on, begging him to come back in the ring. The RAW roster surrounds the ring as JBL makes his way to the back and HBK’s music plays. We go to commercial.

Kelly Kelly vs. Victoria

Kelly Kelly is out first followed by Victoria. Victoria owns the match early on and hits Kelly with her new finisher for a 2 count. Kelly gets the win with a roll-up out of nowhere.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Victoria attacks Kelly Kelly until the Team RAW Divas come down and make the save. Beth Phoenix attacks Victoria from behind and throws her in the ring for the other RAW Divas.

– We see Batista making his way to the ring as we go back to commercial.

Manu vs. Batista

Back from commercial and Batista is out first. Manu comes out next with Cody Rhodes. The bell rings and they lock up. Randy Orton appears on the entrance way to watch the match. Manu with a big right to Batista’s face and he beats him down to the mat.

Batista goes for a powerbomb but Manu turns it into a backdrop. Big flying kick by Manu for a 2 count. Manu throws Batista shoulder first into the corner and takes Batista to the mat with a grip hold. Batista comes back with a big clothesline in the corner. Manu turns it back around and nails a huge splash in the corner for a 2 count.

Manu nails a big headbutt on the mat for another close call. Batista counters with a forearm and then a clothesline followed by a spinebuster. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but Manu back drops him again. Batista drops him with a spear. This time Batista nails the Batista Bomb for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Batista

Batista sells the match and stares down with Randy Orton, who is still on the entrance way. Cody Rhodes goes to get in the ring and Batista welcomes him. Cody backs off and doesn’t go in, which pisses Orton off. Rhodes helps Manu to the back where Orton is standing. Batista hits the mic and says for three years he has listened to Orton run his mouth about him and Evolution and for three years he’s wanted to whoop his ass. This Sunday, he finally gets to do it. Batista tells Orton all he needs to worry about is what’s going to happen at Survivor Series.

– Still to come tonight… Kane and JBL vs. Cryme Tyme as well as John Morrison and The Miz vs. Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio. Back to commercial we go.

– Back from commercial and Stephanie McMahon is at the entrance way. She introduces WWE Hall of Famer Chief Jay Strongbow and that’s it. He comes out and waves to the crowd. We cut to a run down of the Survivor Series card.

– Backstage we see Cody Rhodes. Randy Orton walks up and says that’s real impressive how he backed out of a fight with Batista and talks about kicking him off his team this Sunday. Orton talks about tonight’s match with Punk and Cody tells him to keep talking because that’s what he’s best at.

– Todd Grisham is on the entrance way and introduces a video of what he calls, one of the most exciting WWE Superstars to enter the ring in a long time. We cut to a promo video package for the injured Evan Bourne. Grisham brings out Bourne, who is on crutches and has his foot in a boot. Grisham asks how the ankle is doing and he says it’s getting better everyday. Out comes Mike Knox. Knox stares down Bourne. Knox just towers over Bourne for a minute before leaving.

– Backstage we see Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels heading to the ring and the RAW music starts playing. HBK says cut the music. He tells Rey he’s walked to the ring with guys like Marty Jannety, Hulk Hogan and others but he’s getting emotional on this trip to the ring with Rey. Rey and HBK keep walking and run into Dolph Ziggler. HBK makes the introductions for everyone and talks about him and Rey teaming together for the first time ever… up next. Back to commercial.

Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz and John Morrison

Back from commercial and The Miz and John Morrison make their way out first, representing ECW. Out next is Rey Mysterio to a huge pop from the crowd followed by his partner Shawn Michaels, to an even bigger pop.

Michaels and Morrison start the match off. HBK hits a shoulder block and a big knife chop. Rey gets tagged in and they double team Morrison for a 2 count. Rey kicks Morrison in the face, runs the ropes and drops him for the 619. Miz trips Rey as he goes for the 619. HBK comes over and flies onto Miz off the apron. On the other side of the ring, Rey sends Morrison face first into the announcers table. HBK and Rey celebrate in the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Miz has HBK on the mat. Both are down and in need of a tag. Rey comes in and nails Miz off the top rope. Hurrancanrana by Rey. Rey fights off Miz and Morrison on the apron. Miz sends Rey flying by his arm into the steel ring post. Morrison gets tagged back in and starts pounding on Rey.

Miz comes back in and applies a modified surfboard move on Rey. Rey fights out of it but Miz rolls him up with Rey kicking Miz in the head. Morrison comes back in and stops Rey from tagging. Morrison with a 2 count on Rey. Morrison with another body submission on Rey as HBK waits for the tag. Rey fights out of it with kicks to the face but still can’t tag. Morrison with a gut buster and a 2 count. Morrison tags in Miz and they double team Rey some more. Miz stomps on Rey and gets another 2 count. Morrison comes back in for more double teaming. Morrison uses the ropes to choke Rey. Morrison goes for a springboard kick and Rey dropkicks him in mid-air. HBK and Miz come in with HBK unloading on him. Inverted atomic drop, big right hand and a body slam by HBK. He climbs the top and nails the big elbow on Miz. HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music but turns it into Figure Four. Miz counters out of it. HBK clotheslines Miz and Morrison. 2 count on Miz. Rey comes in and drops Miz on the ropes, hitting the 619. Miz falls back into HBK’s Sweet Chin Music. Morrison comes from behind, nails HBK with Sweet Chin Music of his own and lays him out. Miz covers HBK for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: John Morrison and The Miz

– Cole and Lawler talks about WWE and USA Network taking part in “Go Green” week. We go to another John Cena return package, focusing on him returning in his hometown.

– Backstage we see Chris Jericho and Stephanie watching the Cena package. Jericho talks about how bad of a person Cena is and says it will cause more havoc than she can imagine on RAW. He says the only thing that will prevent a riot on RAW is if he retains his World Title. Jericho says he knows she and everyone else hopes he has the World Title next week whether they admit it or not. He tells her to think about that and walks off as we go back to commercial.

– Todd Grisham is backstage with CM Punk and we see a clip of how Orton kicked him in the head at Unforgiven and cost him the World Title. Punk says he doesn’t know why Orton kicked him in the head, probably to make a statement and prove he still mattered. Punk says he ruined his miracle year. Punk says tonight he will get payback.

– Backstage we see JBL putting his boots on. Kane walks up and asks JBL if he has any advice, captain. JBL says they have no problems and should be able to co-exist. Kane tells him to watch out or find himself in some trouble. Kane walks off.

Cryme Tyme vs. Kane and JBL

Cryme Tyme are out for the next match. We go to a commercial as they’re coming out. Back from the break and we see a clip of Cryme Tyme hanging out with rapper Akon in the crowd. Akon pulled out a stack of money. Out next is the white limousine as JBL heads to the ring. The pyro explodes next and Kane is out as we get ready for this match.

JTG and JBL go at it to start the match until Shad comes in. He works over JBL, tags back in JTG for a nice double team move. JTG works on JBL’s arm now. Shad comes back in for more double teaming with a big shoulder and a 2 count. JTG comes back in for even more double teaming. JBL finally catches JTG and tags in Kane. Kane with a slam on JTG and a big dropkick. Kane with right hands in the corner on JTG and a big running clothesline.

Kane hits Shad on the apron and climbs the top. Kane leaps to the mat and nails JTG. JBL tags himself as Kane readies for the chokeslam. JBL nails the Clothesline from Hell and covers JTG for the pinfall and the win as Kane looks on confused at JBL.

Winners: Kane and JBL

– Backstage we see Kofi Kingston talking to Evan Bourne and says he hopes he’s back in time for Royal Rumble. Mike Knox runs up and attacks Kofi, beating him up. Evan steps to the side but Knox kicks his crutches out from under him. Knox stands over Bourne and picks up his crutch. Evan begs him not to hit him. Knox breaks the crutch over Evan’s injured foot and we go back to commercial.

William Regal vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Intercontinental Champion William Regal comes to the ring first, without Layla this week. Regal takes a mic and says the fact that a rap star received a better welcome than the new IC Champion says a lot about what’s wrong with this country. He talks about Great Britian and respect. Out comes his opponent, the ECW Champion Matt Hardy.

Hardy and Regal start the match with a lot of counters and reversals. Regal dumps Hardy to the floor and kicks him in the face as he tries to get back in. They fight on the outside of the ring now. Regal trips him off the apron and throws him face first into the barrier. They keep fighting on the floor as the referee counts them both out. Lilian Garcia announces the result as Hardy and Regal keep fighting around the ring. WWE officials separate them as we get ready for another break.

Double Count Out

– Backstage we see Chris Jericho making his way to the ring as we go back to commercial break.

– Back in the arena and Lilian Garcia introduces the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Jericho talks about the promo videos for John Cena we’ve seen and says he has a much more impressive story, his story, which began before Cena was ever in a WWE ring. Jericho shows when he beat The Rock and Steve Austin in one night to become the first Undisputed Champion. Jericho shows a clip of him winning the first ever Scramble match to be the World Champion this year at Unforgiven. Jericho talks about beating Punk in the cage match and Shawn Michaels in the ladder match, then Batista in the cage match to win back the World Title. Jericho puts Cena’s face on the big screen and it gets mixed reactions. Jericho says Cena has never concquered him before. Jericho says he is the best in the world today, at the top of his game and won’t let Cena come in and take what’s his. Jericho says Cena isn’t the centerpiece of RAW, he is. Jericho says at Survivor Series he will end the phenomenon that is John Cena and only then will Monday Night RAW finally be Saved. Back to commercial.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton – 30 Man Lumberjack Match

Back from commercial and the RAW and ECW rosters surround the ring. Randy Orton is out first followed by his opponent CM Punk.

Punk and Orton start the match off slow but Punk takes Orton to the mat and they counter each other as the Lumberjacks look on. Orton kicks Punk in the gut and throws him over the rope. Before Manu and Cody can get to him he gets back in. Orton looks upset with them. Orton with a big shoulder block. Punk drops him with a big kick and throws him over the ropes to Matt Hardy and Ricky Ortiz. Back in the ring and a 2 count on Orton.

Punk with some kicks now. He throws Orton back to the floor and Batista, Haas, Finlay and others work him over. Back in the ring now and Punk spears Orton in the corner. He goes for another but hits the ring post. Mark Henry pulls Punk to the floor and the two sides argue. They roll him back in the ring and Orton gets a 2 count followed by another. Orton starts kicking and stomping on Punk’s arms and legs in the ring now. Orton hits a standing dropkick on Punk for a close 2 count.

Match still has a very slow pace. Orton keeps Punk on the mat with a side headlock. Punk tries to fight back but can’t. Orton runs into a big boot by Punk but nails a scoop slam for another 2 count. Orton with another headlock on the mat. For a main event, the crowd is dead for this one. Punk counters Orton with a swinging neck breaker. Both men are down as the ref counts. They trade rights on their feet and Punk nails some kicks. Punk drops Orton with a series of kicks. 2 count by Punk.

Punk nails a bulldog and another 2 count on Orton. Punk scoops Orton for the GTS but he slides out of it and hits a back breaker. Orton starts to stalk Punk in the ring. Orton goes for the RKO but Punk dropkicks him out to the floor. Punk leaps onto Orton and a few of the Lumberjacks. Regal distracts Punk. Punk turns around in the ring to a RKO from Orton, getting him the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, Orton goes to punt kick Punk. Batista comes in the ring and spears him. JBL comes in as does Shawn Michaels. Kane, Mysterio and others enter the ring as the RAW and ECW rosters brawl at ringside and in the ring as RAW goes off the air.