JR’s Blog: Brock Lesnar’s UFC Title Win

The following is from Jim Ross’s blog:

– Ross on Brock Lensar winning the UFC Heavyweight Title: “The pro wrestling bias has never been more prominently displayed than by what I perceive to be a vocal minority of MMA fans against Lesnar simply because he signed with the WWE after an outstanding amateur wrestling career that was topped off by winning a NCAA Heavyweight Title in 2000 after finishing 2nd in the NCAA’s in 1999 while wrestling for the University of Minnesota.”

– Ross on Lesnar’s rise from developmental to WWE main eventer: “Brock’s journey to the main roster in the WWE wasn’t without its bumps in the road but collectively we got through them and Lesnar progressed in rapid fashion to the main talent roster of the WWE. Lesnar was earning seven figures faster than any rookie I ever signed in my role in the talent department in the WWE and that includes such stars as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kurt Angle.”