JR Blog: John Cena’s Return, Wrestling Couples, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights:

– The final night of the WWE Smackdown tour in Dortmund, Germany saw over $1M in ticket sales for the event. The ECW wrestlers were on their way back to the states to participate in the the Monday night television production in Atlanta.

– The WWE’s International tour was hugely successful on a financial level and it seemed as if all the event reports were positive meaning the fans enjoyed the live event experience. I can only imagine how much merchandise was sold on this tour not to mention the awareness created for the WWE brand and in the latest THQ video game.

– Not with any one in particular in mind but does any one ever day dream why “wrestling couples” usually don’t make it? It’s a challenging profession, much akin to Hollywood, when there are two performers in the marriage or relationship where often times egos and who gets the most TV time or the biggest “push” can adversely affect these fragile to begin with unions. For the record, when I was head of talent of the WWE I cringed when I saw two performers who traveled almost constantly become couples. Travel and ego’s seem to be the root causes of these “not meant to be train wrecks.” Some couples cannot separate the difference in being in lust and being in love.

– I certainly hope that John Cena is physically 100% come this Sunday in his “hometown” of Boston for the Survivor Series. It doesn’t seem far fetched to say that Cena would appear to be a heavy favorite to win the World’s Title from Chris Jericho on Cena’s first night back after being shelved due to a neck injury requiring surgery. I will be curious to see what kind of reception Cena receives in Bean Town and will enjoy watching the event from ringside as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler call that particular bout. Without question Jericho will have his share of fans in Boston on Sunday as well. It’s all good as there will be a backside every 18 inches as the event has been sold out to the tune of over $700K since tickets went on sale several weeks ago.